The ceiling of metro cars is produced in Bursa

Yeşilova Holding crowned 42 year-long industrial journey with Cansan Teknik. Yeşilova Holding, which has entered the market of rail systems, which is one of the most important sectors of our day, opened its new investment in Kayapa Organized Industrial Zone.

According to the statement made by Yeşilova Holding, den CANSAN Alüminyum A.Ş. CANSAN TECHNICAL, which started to operate as a department and emerged as a result of the growing demand and production volume over time, became a separate production facility which will contribute to employment today as a result of Yeşilova Holding's ability to take shape quickly. içerisinde

Speaking at the ceremony, Yesilova Holding Chairman Ali Ihsan Yesilova said in his assessment bir One of the leading sectors in today's rail systems production of aluminum in the percentage 80 discovered that they discovered that they discovered, two years ago after this discovery step into a new field, ova he said. While researching the sector, they scanned the sector's leading companies and in doing this job as a partner who can move with the industry's leading companies in the process of questioning began to work.

In his speech, Ali İhsan Yeşilova stated that Cansan Teknik was the result of the efforts of Yeşilova Holding R & D Center, which is one of the Ministry's approved R & D Centers within the framework of the Law No. 5746, which produces ceiling module systems and shelf module systems for trains and railroad wagons. we will continue to produce and produce added value for domestic production. yerli

Sharing the process, Yeşilova said, sonra The railway and rail systems sector was neglected after the first years of the Republic. No investments were made until 5-10 years ago, but the last 10 has begun to make significant investments with world developments and incentives from our government. In our country, there has been a significant increase in the use of rail systems both in urban and intercity transportation. These developments are the pioneers of the sector in the world and in Turkey began to be deployed in Turkey to come to follow. We could not remain indifferent to these developments. The time has come, as in others, and the rail system has once again set out with a new factory to make it a new organization. This is how Cansan Teknik was born. C

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