Fugro Scout 3 in the Bosphorus for the Grand Istanbul Tunnel

The ground investigation of the Great Istanbul Tunnel, which will allow rubber vehicles and railways to pass through the Bosphorus, has started. Panama bayraklı research vessel Fugro Scout to investigate the Bosphorus for a month

The first concrete work started for the 3-storey Great Istanbul Tunnel, which was designed under the Bosphorus for both road and rail transportation. Panama to conduct ground survey of the tunnel, which is planned to carry more than 6 million passengers a day bayraklı The research ship Fugro Scout entered the Bosphorus. Panama bayraklı The research vessel Fugro Scout will determine the bottom structure of the Bosphorus prior to the construction of the tunnel. Fugro Scout, 84 meters long and 20 meters wide, will be found in the Bosphorus between 26 July and 26 August and will investigate in depth.

3 goes down to a thousand meters

The modern deep-sea sonar and radar with the 2015-made Fugro Scout, Istanbul Harbor Master's permission to work between the Cape Baby-Stream and Kandilli-Mehmetçik nose began to work. The ship, these two nose as the starting point by taking the entrance and exit of tunnels Rumeli Fortress with the area up to Küçüksu'ya will scan. It was also learned that the ship, which also has a gym, researched 3 up to a thousand meters deep, it could fix its position on the satellite and it had a heavy load towing crane. Authorities, the ship of the ship during the work of the ship in the Bosphorus, Istanbul may be hampered by the ship's traffic in order to pay attention to the sailors.

5 to be finished in years

The project is projected by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. 3 million pounds were allocated for the study of the tube tunnel, which reduced the vehicle to two 14 minutes. It is learned that drilling works on land and sea will last about 30 years, and there will be both highway and railway in the single tube under the Bosphorus. Wheeled vehicles from the upper and lower floors of the tunnel can take the lead in two lanes. One of the world's largest projects in the tunnel will be made from the point 1. 3 6 5 6.5 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The tunnel will be XNUMX kilometers long between Rumeli Fortress and Küçüksu. The connection of the tunnel with Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge will take place from Hasdal and Ümraniye.

Source : www.milliyet



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