Emre Ray to localize signaling products

Emre Ray, for rail systems sector, kataner, signalization, communication and superstructure systems; design, project and feasibility, production, material supply and installation, test and commissioning services.

The company has implemented many projects, including high-speed train projects, including 1500 km electrification line, 800 km signaling line, 100 km railway line, 23 substation substation and 1 hydroelectric power plant construction.

All work voicing perform with the motivation to contribute to the development of Turkey Emre Ray General Manager Metin Yilmaz, "In this context, the implementation of high-speed rail project, which is one of the most important projects in our country, all solutions and high quality as the first domestic company that produces its own engineers We have fulfilled our duty in the best way with our service understanding. hizmet

2011, R & D studies related to the materials used in electrification projects and began to tell about the production, 2016 30 of the materials used in the year as the 2017'ın produced 2016'ların said. General Manager Yılmaz said, eşi In 18, we are on the verge of starting R & D activities to produce foreign origin products used in signaling projects locally. The year in all regions of Turkey 2017, XNUMX we spent working on different projects. In XNUMX, we are taking this table a step further and we continue our efforts to repeat our successful domestic projects in international platforms. X

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