EGO Tent Waiting for Capitalists at Grand Ankara Festival

Cumartesi International Grand Ankara Festival içerik organized by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 3 year long after the longing, stage shows, international groups, shows, corporate promotions, giant toy fields, exciting events and concerts with famous artists from a giant organization with a rich organization, again Saturday Day is preparing to open its doors.

In the Festival, which will be held in the area of ​​Atatürk Cultural Center (former Hippodrome) between July 29 and August 6, the EGO tent has been developed in collaboration with Eels CEP, which has projects suitable for citizen-oriented technological developments, and internationally awarded mobile applications such as ABB Traffic and technological collaboration with Aselsan - EGO. studies, indispensable MONORAIL project in modern transportation, rail integrated public transport with the system's first cable car services in Turkey, a fundamental solution projects and applications in the traffic system, traffic education for young people and will be given at the end of training drivers cards, hands that are designed to be made sense of empathy towards people with disabilities' EMPATI CORNER 'is waiting for the citizens who are full of gifts and gifts for the visitors of the capital's new bus terminal project and the ego tent.

As in previous years, the Metropolitan Municipality and Security will ensure the safety and well-being of the guests coming to the festival at the highest level with the precautions they will take and 24 will be protected by security cameras, security personnel, police officers and police officers who will provide security for hours.

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