Public transportation is free in Diyarbakır on July 15

Public transportation in Diyarbakır is free on July 15: Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality announced that citizens will benefit from public transportation free of charge due to the July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality made a written statement on July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day. In the statement, it is stated that all public transportation vehicles will provide free transportation service from 15:06.30 on July XNUMX, and the application will continue throughout the day and the vehicles on duty will serve the citizens at night.

Ring service will be provided every hour on July 16 from 01.00 to 06.00 (A5, AZ, B3, B6, B8, CE2, CE3, CE4, El, E8, F2, Z2, Z3) with 13 sentry vehicles on 14 routes. .


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