Areas of increasing housing prices due to transportation projects in Istanbul

116 housing is bought and sold every day and Esenyurt and 33 new branded project is under construction

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) across the country in the first five months of the year, according to data from 556 thousand 784 housing has changed hands. In the January-May period, most houses were sold in Istanbul with 96 units. In the mega city, the district where the real estate market was the most active was Esenyurt with 386 thousand 17 house sales. Beylikdüzü ranked second with 503 thousand 4 residences and Sancaktepe ranked third with 708 thousand 4 units. In January-May period, at least 655 houses were sold in Beykoz in Istanbul, while Beşiktaş with 124 houses and Beyoğlu with 200 houses followed.

EVA Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Cansel Turgut Yazici, who evaluated the Beylikdüzü real estate market in the second place with Esenyurt, which has placed a fourfold difference to its nearest rival in home sales, stated that the construction of integrated transportation networks and the affordable branded houses increased the interest in the two districts.


Expressing that E-5 Highway and TEM Highway, which form the backbone of Esenyurt's Istanbul transportation system, are located at an easily accessible point on the middle axis of the region, Yazıcı noted that there are site-type projects with safe and social facilities in the residential fabric of the region. Yazıcı said that the region's proximity to Atatürk Airport and shopping centers are the most important factors that stimulate the housing market. Saying that the Mahmutbey - Esenyurt metro line is expected to further increase the demand for the region, Yazıcı said that Mahmutbey Station Kirazli - Başakşehir - Olimpiyatköy and Kabataş - Mahmutbey stated that with the integration of the rail system lines, a second rise wave will be experienced in the housing prices in the region.


Saying that Beylikdüzü is preferred for both investment and settlement, Yazıcı said that the Bakırköy - Avcılar - Esenyurt - Beylikdüzü - Büyükçekmece (TÜYAP) Metro line will ease the transportation to the region and increase in housing prices. Stating that another factor that increases the value in Beylikdüzü is the proximity to the beach and the view of the landscape, Yazıcı emphasized that the proximity of the region to the beach causes the villa concept to intensify. Noting that Esenyurt is close to university campuses, Yazıcı also stated that it is a determinant in purchasing housing for investment purposes. For this reason, the most produced type of housing in the region is 1 + 1. Stating that most of the 3 + 1, then 2 + 1 and 4 + 1 housing types are produced in Beylikdüzü, Yazıcı emphasized that more types of apartments are seen in housing projects in the region.
103 project in progress

Currently, there are 70 branded housing projects in Esenyurt and 33 in Beylikdüzü. The development of the branded housing market in Beylikdüzü started in 2004 and 69 companies are competing. In Esenyurt, where intensive construction has been observed since 2006, 75 different construction companies have developed projects. Özyurtlar, Tekfen Holding, Babacan Yapı, İnanlar İnşaat in Esenyurt, Demir İnşaat in Beylikdüzü, Gül Project, Keleşoğlu İnşaat, Dekar Yapı, Huzurlu İnşaat attracted attention with the projects they developed. Both regions are preferred because the land stock is higher than the other districts of Istanbul and the housing prices are at accessible levels.
10 saw the thousand liras

Noting that the unit prices in square meters of housing projects in Esenyurt vary between 700 and 6 thousand 500 liras, EVA Real Estate Valuation General Manager Cansel Turgut Yazıcı said that in Beylikdüzü this figure varies between 2 thousand - 7 thousand liras. Yazıcı reported that the unit prices of 10 thousand lira square meters are encountered in both districts.

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