Deaflympics Samsun 2017ye Fabulous Opening

Deaflympics Samsun Great Opening to 2017: 23 with the highest participation in Turkish sports history and Deaflympics history. Summer Hearing Impaired The Olympic Games were officially launched with a grand opening ceremony at the new Samsun 19 May Stadium.

97 brings together 3 country from six continents, 148 bin 5 athlete and 23 over a thousand participants. Summer Hearing Impaired The Olympic Games started with an opening ceremony worthy of its size. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli, Health Minister Recep Akdag, Minister of Family and Social Policies Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya and Youth and Sports Minister Akif Cagatay Kilic.

New 19 May athletes of all countries at the opening ceremony held at the stadium, coaches and delegates in the parade all Samsun, Turkey and greeted the world.

After the parade, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım sent 23 with their messages. They wished success to all the athletes who would struggle in the Summer Hearing Impaired Olympic Games.

Samsun Governor Osman Cream, expressed Turkey and they have one of the most important days of Samsun in the history of the Republic, "Hearing Impaired by organizing the Olympic Games in the best way we show we can do a perfect host to the Summer Olympic Games. Our wish is to organize the Summer Olympic Games in Samsun one day D.

On the part of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach studied the IOC Degeley Sam Ramsamy. Bach said in his speech that ICSD contributed to the spread of sport throughout the world and was an important member of the Olympic family.

Then the International Hearing Impaired come on stage Sports Committee (ICSD) President Valery Rukhledev, for the first time in the history of the Deaflympics held in xnumx't underlining that is the second oldest multi-sport organization, the Turkey in the preparation process what they see is a very powerful country and Turkey he said this was an example to the whole world.

Akif Çağatay Kılıç, Minister of Youth and Sports, greeted all the guests and said, if 23. The Summer Hearing Impaired Olympic Games will be an exciting experience for my hometown Samsun. Yaz

Underlining that they have made the 42 plant ready for the games in a short time, Minister Çağatay Kılıç reminded that for the Deaflympics, from the shopkeeper to the airline cabin officer, 5 received sign language training for a thousand people. Chagatay Minister Sword, Samsun xnumx'n the Deaflympics, the international smear campaign conducted about Turkey, that Turkey is a peaceful and safe country given on a global scale, he said the most important answers. Sword, "In the past, the burning fire of Samsun, Turkey's struggle for independence, today bear witness to the love and friendship of a burning torch around the world. 2017 facility was put into service in the 23 different districts for the Olympic Games of the Summer Hearing Impaired when we launched 8. It was the first in the history of Deaflympics to make such huge facilities ready in a very short time. Our new stadium with 42 bin 33 audience capacity, which is in accordance with the UEFA standards we are in today, has taken its place among many valuable works as a living facility which we think will make great contributions to Samsun and country sports. The only purpose of all these services and investment, our valuable athletes to play these games in confidence, peace and joy is to provide. When you leave here with great memories and warm friendship is our greatest wish to return to your country 'he said.

Sams To host the largest organization of Turkish sports history is unforgettable for the citizens of Samsunlu “

Samsun Akif Çağatay Kılıç stated that Samsun is hosting an unforgettable organization, tı Samsun Deaflympics2017; There are many firsts for the people of Samsun. From our tradesmen to THY cabin crew, our 5000 citizens received Turkish and international sign language training for this organization. I believe that the silence of the common human language between our nation and our guests; it is strong enough to suppress all the bad noises that strangle the world with a dirty noise. In addition, our Samsum was the first city in the world to collect the continent of 6 on the occasion of Deaflympics2017. To host the biggest organization of Turkish sports history will be an unforgettable and wonderful experience for our Samsunlu citizens. As for Samsun, Deaflympics2017 has caused many firsts; Samsun in the history of these games will be the scene of many principles, "he said.

“We made the biggest event in the history of Deaflympics“

Minister Kılıç stated that they opened the world's biggest hearing-impaired olympics and said:

6 97 3 5 with more than 23 and more than XNUMX participants in different continents and XNUMX separate countries. The Summer Hearing Impaired is the largest organization in the history of the Olympic Games, Deaflympics. This record-level participation; Contrary to the perception that some political execution for our country, given that Turkey is a peaceful and safe country on a global scale is the strongest answer. Today, we can state with happiness and proud that our country; This result was deserved by eliminating all scribble works. To host the organization with the highest participation in the history of Deaflympics; host our participants from different languages, religions, nationalities and cultures; It is a source of happiness and pride for our ancient Anatolian lands which have kept many differences in brotherhood throughout centuries. Turkey; It is a bridge between east and west, old and new, history and future. Our guests staying in the athletes village we set up we will, we believe in fair-play atmosphere reconciling Turkey's civilization and will soon fused with the spirit of sportsmanship. "

Following the protocol speeches, the ICSD anthem was played and the ICSD flag, which would fluctuate in Samsun until the closing ceremony in 30, was raised.


Deaflympics Samsun xnumx'n the torch into the stadium, brought national wrestlers have won the first medal in the history of Otaki Ismail Deaflympics Turkey. Kemal Baloğlu and Selahattin Bozdağ, one of the names who had won the Deaflympics championship, took over the torch at 2017. Lastly, the torch passed to Bursa Bursa, which saw the full 1997 Deaflympics on site, eight of which were winter and eight of which were winter.

Bursa, 1969'de Gündüz Tekin Onay's football national team began with the first football player and then as the technical delegate 48 years of continuing the Deaflympics adventure, the Olympic fire with the honor of the fire lasted.

The torch, which is adorned with Anatolian motifs and which brings together the colors of the four confederation of the ICSD, was burned by Ertuğrul Bursa with applause. Later on, İsmail Otamış's national basketball team's son Ömer Otamış played for the athlete's oath. Following the athlete's oath, the Turkish flag was drawn to the Turkish National Anthem.

The ceremony continued with the cultural program exhibited by different dance groups and was completed with a concert by singer Murat Boz and followed by a fireworks display.



When it comes to Turkey in the parade, 294 Deaflympics athletes who will represent our country and the Turkish delegation, was greeted with great enthusiasm by the audience that filled My new click-click 19 Mayıs Stadium. While the national wrestler İlhan Çıtak, who was looking for the fifth Olympic gold in a row, carried the Turkish flag, the spectators created a great atmosphere in the stands with the phone lights and they gave morale to all our athletes with their cheers and applause. Turkish athletes also responded to the tribunes by saying “We Love You” in sign language.


The races of the athletes marked the winds of friendship in a way that was consistent with the Olympic spirit. Athletes from many countries, including Germany and Brazil, marched with the Turkish flag as well as their own flags. They carried Turkish flags in both Chinese athletes, as well as "Hello Turkey" (Hello Turkey) came out with their banners. Turkish audiences also took the flags of these countries from the athletes of many countries, including Greece and Poland, and gave messages of friendship from the stands.


The opening ceremony of the new 19 May Stadium, which hosts the grandstand of the world flags, such as the inside of the colors of the stands. The home side dominated the flags of Turkey, though, 97 country's participation in the flags of the countries across six continents participated in the event organized by the grandstand turned into a riot of colors.


Deaflympics Samsun 2017 is the only flagship of the Philippines, Malta, Cyprus, Yemen and Guatemala with the participation of only one athlete.

Dominique Camus carried Nuevo, George Vella, Andreas Constantinou, Mohammed Abdullah Alkhawlani and Sergio Pablo Aragon. The athletes who made the statement of the official parade said that they were aware of their responsibility to be the only representative of their country.


Being the first talking mascot of the world, which can communicate with sign language, Çakır has become the lover of everyone at the opening as usual. As soon as the stada reached the tribunes experienced a show of love, one by one was called to all the tribunes. The greatest interest in Mascot Çakır was the children.


Deaflympics A total of 2017 hearing impaired 250 volunteers at the 500 in Samsun were in the new 19 May Staydum for the opening ceremony. 400 volunteers took part in the field, a thousand 100 volunteers followed the ceremony.


In order to avoid security problems during the Deaflympics, 3 300 5 300 security members are involved, especially in games. In the opening ceremony, security officers from Samsun were on duty, as well as security officers from the surrounding provinces.


Samsuns reached the opening ceremony by using the light rail system from the Ondokuzmayıs University campus to Tekkeköy at no cost. At the same time, free bus services to different cities of Samsun were organized.

Olympics, 31 will continue until July in Samsun and 8 district.

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