Candan: Monorail System Does Not Solve Ankara's Transportation Problem

Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch stated that the monorail system will not solve the transportation problem of Ankara and it will bring great cost.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality recently announced that a monorail system will be built to provide easier access to city hospitals in Etlik and Bilkent. According to this, there will be 1 km to Bilkent Hospital area from Eskişehir Metro Station and 20 km long monorail system as well as bridge intersections. At a press conference organized by the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, the municipality evaluated the statement.


Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch Chairman Tezcan Karakus Candan said that the monorail system to be done will not be a solution to the transportation problem of Ankara. Candan stated that the cost of monorail and bridges intersected by the Metropolitan Municipality will be very high and that the results of wrongly planned planning are tried to be solved by the people's taxes.

Candan, Bilkent and Etlik, the ongoing construction of the city hospital for the wrong places to draw attention to the attention, hast the penalty for the head of the mind draws Ankara. They put hospitals in the empty space. Who didn't think about how to get there. When hospitals run out, Ankara's transportation will be ruined and traffic will be blocked after the end of work. This system will not be able to solve the transportation problem of Ankara. Bu


Candan noted that the monorail system is a costly and lightweight transportation system. Xanum-1 thousand people are expected to arrive at the city hospitals every hour, said Candan, only one of those who went to the hospital can reach the hospital with this system 40 said.

Noting that the cost of the metro is the same as the monorail system, said Candan, a good metro can carry 70 thousand people, he said. Candan said the cost of the monorail system will be increased to 80 million if not passed from the surface to the tunnel. Emphasizing that transportation systems are carried out in a manner based on rent relations, far from the planning principles, Candan said that they would carry the process to the judiciary. Green areas will be broken, indicating that the Candan, METU and AOÇ lands due to crossing junctions, the construction will be opened, he said.

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  1. "Candan said that if the monorail system is passed through the tunnel, not the surface, the cost will increase to 80 million."
    An erroneous expression ..

    It is technically not possible for a monorail to travel through a tunnel. In fact, "monorail" is another "havaray" of the vehicle.
    The occupation space on the highway (only up to the area of ​​the columns) is the transport vehicle covering the miniumum volume. The lack of a level crossing is also a great advantage in terms of safety.