Date Signature for Urban Cableway Transportation in Bursa

In order to make Bursa a more accessible and more livable city, the Metropolitan Municipality has taken an important step in the project which will facilitate the transportation of the cable car to Gökçere to Teferrüç station. The protocol regarding the cable car line which is planned to be completed in 1 between Gökdere Metro Station and Teferrüç in the year, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe and Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Ilker Cumbul signed.

Within the scope of the works that add value to Bursa by the Metropolitan Municipality, the signatures on the communication between Gökdere Metro Station and Teferrüç cable car line, which is an important step in transportation, were taken with a ceremony held at the Metropolitan Municipality Service Building. The protocol, which will bring the world's longest non-direct cableway line to Bursa with the 9 kilometer line extending to the Hotel Area before, has signed the protocol with the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe and Bursa Teleferik AŞ Chairman İlker Cumbul. .

It's been on the agenda for a long time
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, said that many of the services that have been said in Bursa for many years have been carried out, lardır We are signing a historical project for Bursa. A project that has been on the agenda of Bursa for many years. One of the longest cable car lines in the world, which we transported to Uludağ as far as the Hotel Zone, is in Bursa. This line added value to Bursa. Now we have realized a project that has not been realized for years. We are adding another work to this period. We have always mentioned the connection of the cable car to Teferrüç Station and BursaRay Gökdere Station. It is now in the implementation phase, the projects are finished, the tender has been completed. We are currently contracting, Şu he said.

7,5 minute journey
President Altepe, this contract, connected to the bazaar Teferrüç region in both the public transportation, as well as direct access to the center of the city and the ski slopes of Uludag said that the system will be established near the ski slopes. “This facility will travel around 7,5 in minutes, içinde said President Altepe. 2310 meters, 10 units will work in 56 units cabin. It will cost about 80 million TL. We are signing the contract of this line which will make a significant contribution to the city economy and tourism of Bursa, and will travel to the existing ropeway station in Bursa. Teleferik AŞ Company, which has the existing ropeway, won this tender. As with the current Leightner brand devices, the existing system will be established here, Mevcut he said.

The contribution to tourism and tourism
Mayor Altepe, recording the ski slopes and metropolis of Uludag now, merkezi Uludag will reach the city center directly, both with the connection to the city center and the connection to Bursa with BursaRay connection now can be reached from anywhere in Bursa. It will add a special value to the tourism and economy of Bursa and it becomes a nice accessory for Bursa. An important function, before the day we hope to end, Teleferik AS, which successfully accomplishes the previous application, hopefully this stage will be completed before the day and presented to the service of Bursa. We will have opened this facility to Bursa. Already auspicious auspicious. Next summer we hope to take the cable car from the center of Bursa ef.

Bursa Teleferik Inc. The Chairman of the Board of Directors İlker Cumbul said, yeni We are proud of having made a new permanent work that will change the silhouette of our beautiful Bursa after the Uludağ ropeway. I would like to thank to President Altepe for his trust and trust in this project. God willing, 2018 before the Feast of Ramadan, we want to open to the service of our people, İn he said.

Gökdere Metro Station and Teferrüç 1. The teleferic line will be integrated at the Tefferrüç station with the cable car line between Tefferrüç - Kadıyayla - Sarıalan - Uludağ (Hotels Region). Thanks to this line, Uludağ and the city center will be connected to each other. Zaferpark - Gökdere - Setbaşı - Teferrüç cable car line begins with the Zafer Park Station at the intersection of Vatan, Anadolu and Zafer neighborhoods, which have an important population of Bursa. The line, which is integrated with the Gökdere station of the Bursa metro, continues along the Yeni Cumhuriyet Avenue and Gökdere Boulevard and reaches to Setbaşı Station.