New Target 2020 in Bursa High Speed ​​Line

New Target in Bursa High Speed ​​Line 2020: Permits of the quarries to be drawn for Bursa High Speed ​​Line are ready, TCDD wants to reach “2020 target”.

CD There is no need for despair ”İsmail Murtazaoğlu, Assistant General Manager of TCDD gave the following information:
Izin Permission letters were prepared for the quarries for the construction of the line. 2-3 will be working until the week so that the people of Bursa can see and feel. ”
”We will bring Bursa to a high-speed train” and explained the target:
“We have had itinerary surprises so far and we have surpassed all of them. As TCDD, we aim for 2020 year. We want to achieve this goal. ”

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I


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