BTK Railway Line to Start International First Expedition in September

BTK Railway Line to Start International First Expedition in September

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, who participated in the test drive of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway, announced that the first international flight would start in September.

Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line linking the railways have been started in Turkey driving test section. Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Azerbaijan, Georgia state officials, TCDD Transport General Manager Veysi Kurt and other interested parties participated in the test drive, BTK railway line near the village of Karakale border tunnel near the 76 kilometer part was made.

BTK Project will affect the destiny of this geography from Europe to China

Minister Arslan, who gave information about the BTK Project, emphasized that history was written in Kars and they are very happy to witness it, “You are witnessing this history. As of the moment we are in, we may not realize this, but the fate of these projects will really change with the friendships that this project will create, the contributions it will make to cultural unity, and its share in geography from Europe to China. This was the beginning of their project. Fortunately this project has come to a close stage and today we will take the train. Hopefully, we will complete the project in a very short time, we will make the railway from London to Beijing uninterrupted and we will increase our friendship with the friendly countries on this route. ”

We aim to increase the amount of load in the BTK line from 6.5 to million

Stating that they are carrying out the works for the railway line to carry 2.5 times more cargo than planned, Arslan said: “The 1 million passengers we envisaged in this project at the beginning are 6.5 million tons of cargo. We aim to increase this amount of load approximately 2.5 times. Our target is 20-22 million tons of cargo per year. ”

In addition, Minister Arslan and the delegation accompanying him in the BTK line and border tunnel passed to the BTK station in the Akhalkalaki (Ahılkelek) region of Georgia, and after studying there, he went to Tbilisi by train.

Foundations of Logistics Storage Site

Minister Arslan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan state authorities, as well as BTK test drive of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars at the signing ceremony of logistics landfill will assume the logistics of railway attended. Minister Arslan said at the signing ceremony: “Kars Logistics Center, which we laid the ground last month, was a vagons, which became the second wagon. The importance of this project for the region is high. ” The President of Kazakhstan Railways Wing Alpispayev historical Silk Road revived by pointing out that with this project, "We are committed to advancing the development of the central aisle in Turkey." she pointed out.

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  1. My dear minister, First we need to start with the Baku-Ankara and Batum-Ankara (Istanbul with YHT connections) expeditions. When Sivas YHT is finished, the Batum and Baku-Sivas YHT transfer and the Istanbul, Izmir line will be the most appropriate when the hybrid YHT is finished. In terms of cargo, the construction of Kars-Kağızman-Iğdır-Nahcivan Road is even more important. kazanhe's eating. Because in this way, it will be possible to transfer transit cargoes from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea. From here, the shortest transfer to Western and Northern Europe is possible.