Information 500 İşbakan First Prize in Turkey

Information 500 İşbakan First Prize in Turkey, offering innovative solutions in the field of information and communication technology, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ISBAK, Turkey's Informatics of the ceremony, which describes the first 500 corporate sector Information Technology was awarded the Installation and Support Services category xnumx.'lik awards.

With the vision of Mayor Kadir Topbaş and the domestic-national production line, İSBAK has achieved significant success with this transformation. Fortune 500 Turkey "list ISBAK entered as the fastest growing company, this time the IT sector 'determine the most and this year xnumx'inci held" IT 18 500 "list 2016 among Turkey's most successful 500 IT Companies. by entering the ordinary for the first time has achieved considerable success.

Turkey contains many data related to the development of the IT sector, as well as, they have the opportunity to analyze their position in the performance of brand measurement and markets' first 500 IT Companies Survey results, 12 was announced in a ceremony held on July 2017. This year 'ICT sector business roots in the world of venting is' made with the motto of Turkey's result in the best research 500 company of prominent operating in the ICT arena, ISBAK "Information Technology Installation and Support Services" first order received in the category.

Mayor Kadir Topbas drawn with this vision, computing and intelligent systems in the local and national ISBAK become production base, to Istanbul with local solutions developed for smart cities and add value to Turkey.

Focusing on the smart cities of the future by using advanced information and communication technologies, ISBAK is among the companies that direct the sectors of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with its achievements.

İSBAK, which provides service to many local governments in Turkey and abroad in the fields of technological infrastructure and smart urbanism, is also leading the sector with these achievements.

A new feature has been added to this year's özellik IT 500 X survey. Young companies and Anatolian companies, which could not be included in the first 500 list in terms of size and turnover, but were in a strong position in their area or region, found their place in the study with the value of Plus. Companies that have the chance to show themselves in the Plus tables by competing with the companies in their own lanes were also awarded within the scope of Informatics 500.




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