Clusters behind global brands

In our country for a very long time in terms of development of transportation networks, we could not get much distance. In order to close the gap, first of all, the platforms should be built where the transportation vehicles could move, and they would dock. We started here first by divided roads. We started our railroad. Metro work started in our cities. Now it's time; the tools to move on them, squares, ports, these ways to use the tools came to produce.

Today, some of the cars produced in Turkey designs are made in our country. Maybe there are designs that we do here on 100. But these designs do not belong to our country. He owns the company. So even if your engineers work there; you are not the owner and do not have the authority to save. You have to buy where he says he gets the piece he wants. If we own the design, ownership of the components of the world less than the quality of the supply and maybe we can offer to our people and the world as a service. We lost time in the car! But there's so much to do. We'il make it too.

With the good work of our Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, it came to the railways. We had no tracks before, let's run these vehicles. Our cities were not so developed that we should use the tram and the subway. Now there is a need. It was such a market in Turkey. We are willing to produce the vehicles in this market XNUMX% locally. There are also successful examples of this. Such as Silk Beetle, Panorama, Talas, Green City LRT, Istanbul Tram brands. We are proud. We travel by boasting, trusting and saying 'our property'. It is an extremely important development for our country.

Are we aware of the important steps we take with the cluster? Specification only 'so 51 will be local contribution' called by we lose touch Make an appointment before, pass in front of the door mAdIğImIz, foreign enterprises assign us to the crown at the last minute they come now Turkey into the delegation to do business together. 51 native requirement horizon led. Another important step is the cluster work. Actually, today there are clusters behind global brands.

In the works where the buyer is mostly public, it is necessary to create strong structures in order not to be affected by the waves in time. The main objective of this strong structure is; to make the productions that are the target of the cluster and to make other productions with their inert capacities. The best example of this is seen in the defense industry. Because 20 in the defense industry 365 days during the year is not possible to do the same work. Projects are developed in line with the needs of the Armed Forces. Working in this way is essential.

The establishment of the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) is just as important as adding the 51 tender clause to the tender specifications. All these dynamics came together and played a role in this city. We said 'We are in Ankara as a rail vehicle.' We deserve that. We deserve to set up this cluster, as well as the technology level of the Ankara industry.

Ankara's export kilogram price is around 23,5. Ankara has proved that it is the capital in technology and information intensive production. We, as industrialists from Ankara, made the war plane. We do our passenger plane, our train, our subway car and our high-speed train. The task is simple; In fact, public procurement is the most important instrument in terms of transferring income and directing technology. Public procurement does not just mean getting the best to the cheapest. Sometimes getting the most expensive is much more important in terms of domestic production and the economy of the country.

Rail transportation systems are a huge employment gate with a wide range of business activities. Instead of import, every piece we produce here will also be an important support to employment in this country. Because of all these efforts, I celebrate ARUS and OSTIM management and wish them continued success.

Source: Nurettin ÖZDEBİR - Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Industry - I




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