Aşiyan Park was closed for the construction of the funicular

'Y I'm a poor Orhan Veli in the Bosphorus, im which also hosts a sculpture of Orhan Veli who gave one of the most beautiful poems to Istanbul, was closed for the construction of the funicular. Concerned about the cutting of trees, Istanbulites said, “We have no place to go and touch Aşiyan kesil

Aşiyan Park in BEBEK was surrounded by sheet metal as part of the project of Rumeli Hisarüstü-Aşiyan Funicular Line Station of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). The trees in the park and right next to the coastal road are numbered and marked. The work started in the park, which also hosted the seagull statue of Orhan Veli Kanık, the founder of the Strange Movement in Poetry, caused controversy. According to the news of the newspaper Habertürk, the project criticized by the residents who were worried that the trees would be cut, also found wide echo in social media. Citizens, especially non-governmental organizations, reacted to the work to be carried out in the park. The project was among the top 10 agenda items on Twitter with # AşiyanParkı, # Aşiyanadokunma tags.


Avni Gökşan, one of the residents, said, ni There are many trees here. No matter what they do, if they want the airport, it's a shame. They will slaughter the trees in vain. Ağaç UM I've been coming here since 1992, my children, my grandchildren. Already a small place, '' he said. Gökşan's wife Hanım Gökşan said ağaç I don't want the trees here to be cut. We're having a picnic here. We have no place to go. This is the closest. Asiyan's feature ends. ” Mahmut Turan who read his newspaper in Aşiyan Park said: Mahmut I come here once a week and I read my newspaper. I don't approve of this deterioration. At least people come and sit, watching the landscape, I don't understand why they do it. Red


Zeynep Ataç, who is one of the inhabitants of Aşiyan who says that he has been living for two generations, said, sakin We have been trying to destroy the Asiyan Park which we have been working for years. A small and pleasant park. They're going down here. We could not give it up, we could not prevent it, Bundan he said. Ataç said that he did not believe that the trees would be moved and would be planted again. Mad Leave aside the rocky area, there are trees that we have been working for years. We raised them like children, they want to be destroyed. Ashiyan is a narrow road. When it comes to people, it's going to be a big rat race. Traffic will be worse. Baltalimanı or Ortaköy, more convenient transportation can be provided. I am very saddened by the fact that the trees will be cut. Ağaç Selahattin Ay sells fishing equipment at the beach of Aşiyan. My customers from Hisarüstü will land here in a minute. He won't think about parking. It's gonna be a good thing, but the park's pillaging, the trees being cut down, we're upset. This is better in this place, hali he expressed his reaction.


The funicular line between Hisarüstü and Aşiyan will be 800 meters long. 1 The project, which started the EIA process in March, is planned to be put into service at 2019. The project cost 85 million TL.


We asked the IMM officials lar Will the trees marked in Aşiyan be cut? İ. Lar Some trees will be carried in the same region under the supervision of the Board of Monuments and Conservation of Natural Heritage, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and forest engineers. After the construction site is finished, the park will be restored Ş. IMM officials, 3 thousand 56 square meters and how many trees will be affected by how much the park did not give information.


3 56 75 square, in the park, has a total of 26 trees. Previously, the number of trees to be moved was announced XNUMX.


Famous poet Orhan Veli Kanık parked at the park of Aşiyan Park where his strings in the poem of İstanbul Türküsü come to life. Orhan Veli's friends, the poet's death in 1950 accepted his testament his verse, the poet was buried in the Asiyan Cemetery. Orhan Veli's death 38 years after the cemetery next to the park with his book in the hands of the Orhan Veli watching the Bosphorus statue with a statue of a gull was built next to him.


De In the Bosphorus in Istanbul,

I'm a poor Orhan Veli;

I'm Veli's son,

In undefined grief.

I sat in Urumelihisari;

Seated, I also had a song:

'Istanbul' s marble stones;

The heading is also made, it is built, the seagulls;

Hijran ages divorced from my eyes;

Let me, I am this because of you Ed


Trees should be kept alive in the place where they are. When huge trees are transported to another place, their contribution to the environment is eliminated. It's not easy to keep them alive. Trees are undergoing an operation. Reconstruction regulations under the name of trees are being removed. For example, when a building is being built, it can carry trees that pay the price. This was the occasion of the monetization. Why are the trees removed? Projects are done without dismantling. If there is expertise and respect for the environment, it is solved. The dismantling of the trees appears to be a necessity. Those who defend the trees are also accused of opposing transportation projects. There is the same problem in Göztepe Park. You will pass the metro station from the park and hence there will be no parking. As a Chamber of Architects, we proposed to IMM mez If the project is revised and the station is shifted, the park will not be damaged Mimar. The answer was iz We made the tender for the project, we cannot return Yanıt. Why not? The trees are not touched with the correct location for Aşiyan. Transport does not return to nature with trees.


When the trees are moved according to the technique, it is not possible to keep them in place. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is an expert on this issue. Because the expropriation requires very high costs, this may be preferred for the station. There's no other free space around. Expropriations can also return from the court, the process may be extended. Such projects are like surgery. It's grueling at first, but then it's satisfying when it's healthy. The public can react without understanding, listening. Then when those projects are finished, those who react will be gladly using the project. Such projects are a mess. It's not possible to do anything without touching anything.

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