Aşiyan Park is not suitable for the Funicular Line

When will the funeral line will be urgent
When will the funeral line will be urgent

The closure of Aşiyan Park for the funicular project caused controversy. The claim that some trees will be cut in the park is denied by IMM. Experts and residents of the area, the bottom of the park does not rely on a zoning plan, stating that the ground consists of hard rock, he noted.

In Istanbul Bebek, the poet Orhan Veli Kanık took place in Asiyan Park and Rumeli-Hisarüstü Aşiyan Funicular Line project in the region. The trees in the park surrounded by sheet metal and next to the coastal road were marked in red. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality denied claims that the trees will be cut. In the statement, planning to move the trees in the same region was recorded.

Tayfun Kahraman, the Istanbul Branch President of the Chamber of City Planners, claimed that the study was not based on a zoning plan and said: bir Recreation places, which are empty spaces in the city, are used in large-scale projects, ie metro and similar works. Because we didn't leave another area in the city center. The work is not based on a zoning plan or document. Therefore we could not appeal. Aşiyan Park was completely closed due to the size of the construction site. Aş

Nigar Alemdar, a former member of the board of Nebuchels Association, who is a resident of Asiyan, claims that the funicular line is rocky and unsuitable for the project, saying: ar I grew up in Ashiyan and I know the region very well. The area from the Asiyan Museum to the seaside is incredibly rocky. This rock even gave its name. The cemetery, known as Aşiyan Cemetery, was the Kayalar Martyrdom. It is the first Ottoman cemetery in Rumeli territory. There is a small mosque on the beach a little further ahead. His name is Kayalar Masjid. In addition, during the years when Bosphorus University was founded as Robert College, the builders of the buildings built the first two buildings with the stones they obtained from the stone quarry. My personal opinion is that a construction will be made on a very difficult surface. This can be done but becomes extremely costly. In terms of transportation, far away from those who live in Bebek. It is also far away for those who live in Rumelihisarı. K

Eyüp Muhçu, the President of the Chamber of Architects stated that the trees should be kept alive in the place where they are Mimar When the huge trees are moved to another place, their contribution to the environment disappears. Trees are undergoing an operation. Why are the trees removed? Projects are done without dismantling. If the project is revised and the station is shifted to IMM, the park will not be damaged. The answer was 'We have made the project tender, we cannot return'. Why not? In the right place for the trees to be touched by the asian, tespit he said.


The entrance station to the Hisarüstü-Aşiyan Funicular Line is being built next to Hisarüstü Station and the main entrance gate of Boğaziçi University. The starting point of the line, which will pass under the Boğaziçi University land, will be located in Aşiyan Park on the shore of the Bosphorus. The 2019-meter line, which is planned to be put into service in 800, will have a capacity of 6 thousand passengers per hour in both directions. When the project is completed, the shore of Aşiyan will be reached in 2,5 minutes from Hisarüstü. - Decision

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