Monorail Coming to City Hospitals in Ankara

Monorail Coming to City Hospitals in Ankara: Vedat Üçpınar, Deputy Secretary General of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Head of Science Affairs Department, within the scope of road works carried out by Metropolitan Municipality for easy and convenient transportation to city hospitals in Bilkent and Etlik; He stated that a 1 km long monorail will be constructed from the Metro Stop on Eskişehir Road to Bilkent Hospital area and 20 kilometers starting from Ulus in Etlik Hospital Area.

A presentation was made by Üçpinar on the road projects initiated to the members of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council in the regions of Bilkent and Etlik city hospitals.

Providing information about the road projects to be implemented in the city hospitals in the city council upon request from the members, Üçpınar first mentioned the works in the Bilkent City Hospital region.

Vedat Üçpınar stated that a new traffic plan was prepared with the help of experts from the universities, the Metropolitan Municipality, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment. We have been working for a year. bir

The total length of the roads to be made in the region will be 32-33 mileage, total 29 pieces of junction intersection will be realized and the total cost of the 800 million pounds will tell about the three of them, 700 million pounds to the crossroads, 100 million pounds of landscaping, lighting, such as planned to go to work, he said. Vedat Üçpınar, 7 new road will be built in the region, the new boulevard passing through the Armored Units land was planned to be completed by the end of September.

Providing detailed information about the road projects to be done and the roads in the immediate vicinity of the hospital to be completed by the end of April, said Üçpınar, then answered the questions of the members of the Assembly.
Metropolitan City Council CHP Group Deputy Chairman Doğan Yılmazkaya said, Mec All these motorway links will be nice, Ankara will solve its traffic, I have no doubt about it ın and Belediye If there is a study on public transportation in the region and if there is an appropriation in the municipal budget Büyük Vedat Üçpınar said,, There is a place in the budget. In the last year, we had already entered hospitals as a region. But a project that will last for at least 3 year. In addition, we asked for support not only from the municipality but also from the general budget. Bun

Bilkent City Hospital, a metro station, a monorail project on the Eskişehir road that expresses the work carried out Üçpınar, "from the hospital to the hospital about a distance of about 1 kilometers from the General Directorate of EGO works for the construction of monorail," he said.

Bilkent Boulevard at the METU Junction in the coming weeks is planned to be a ceremony about the three, said plan We have started the work of 3 storey intersection here, daki he gave information.

Following the thanks of the members of the Assembly, Üçpınar continued to answer the questions they asked about the similar road works in the district of the city hospital in Etlik and said: ı We also have work in the Etlik hospital campus. But this place is not as lucky as Bilkent. Etlikte slightly narrower state Et replied.

Üçpınar gave the following information about the road projects planned in this region:
Uz In the vicinity of the Etlik Hospitals, especially the current Giresun Caddesi, Halil Sezai Street and Etlik Street, which were immediately converged on Gülhane, we are thinking about the intersection.

Akyurt Market, which is connected to Yozgat Boulevard, is also on the corner of the market and we think of a tunnel. This tunnel sinks down from Yozgat Boulevard, and it's coming out. We also want to make a complete seamless transition to Yozgat Boulevard.

In addition to this, a project was also prepared for the General Directorate of Highways in order to strengthen the Istanbul Highway along with Eşref Bitlis Street. Highways have prepared a plan for the connection of Ak Şemsettin Street, which passes by the Environmental Protection Office, to Istanbul Road. If there is, a road will be made in this region. We will do all of them within the facilities again in that region. We are currently working on our project. Şu

Ilgili We have started a monorail study starting from the Ulus axis, which is about to be built in a new ethnocentric campus, in a rectangular way. It is currently in the project phase. EGO General Directorate is making presentations about the build-operate-transfer model and getting offers from a few companies as far as I know'n shared his knowledge.

Vice President of MHP Group, Ramazan Şimşek, thanked Vedat Üçpınar for the presentations and works.

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  1. For easy access to the bilkent hospital, the Aşti and Ankara boulevard at the Hacettepe crossroads should be connected.