Foreign appetite in crazy projects

Foreign appetite in crazy projects: Two big projects, two foreign financing… While it is stated that German banks want refinancing for the Third Airport, Koreans will provide the biggest financing on the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge.

Following the referendum took radar largest projects foreign banks in the country who has won continuity of political stability in Turkey. It was learned that the leading banks of Germany lined up for financing for the Third Airport project. According to the information obtained, Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest bank, started negotiations for the refinancing of the Third Airport. For the first phase of the 150-million-passenger project, 4.5 billion euro financing agreement was signed with six banks. Deutsche Bank previously offered refinancing to the first phase financing package of the Izmir-Istanbul highway project. He was back at the table with eight Turkish banks and the loan was renewed at a lower interest rate.

Korean Daelim will also be dominated by foreign financing on the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, where the joint venture group of Yapı Merkezi and SK Turkish partners Limak won. Turkey Korea Exim Bank Chief Representative Ahn Sang-seon, yesterday at a press conference in August will begin negotiations for the financing of the project and noted that many banks willing. EBRD, IFC and large Turkish banks will also be engaged for the project of 10 billion TL.

Ahn Sang-seon said the following about the project that will be mainly supported by the Korean Eximbank: “We have 28 representatives in the world. We opened our representative office in Turkey three years ago. Korean companies' growing investments in Turkey. Finally, we can cite the purchase of Mars cinemas by a Korean investor. This project outside the Eurasia Tunnel Third Bridge, Kırıkkale, including the financing of Natural Gas Power Plant Project in Hospital and Gaziantep in Turkey We have used the credit amounting to $ 1.5 billion. "

Saying that they have supported the Çanakkale Bridge project from the beginning, Ahn Sang-seon said, “Financing process ends in March 2018. We opened an office in Turkey because we believe it will develop the economy. You'll also financed through the Istanbul office projects in Turkey's neighboring countries, "he said.

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