Akçaray expeditions take 10 minutes

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ilhan Bayram, the city transportation comfort that brings the Akçaray Tram Project SekaPark'dan, the last stop Izmit Intercity Bus Station to the footsteps. Receiving information about the current situation of the contractor Akçaray'ın Secretary General Bayram, asked for the continuation of the work at the final stages. Bayram, 1 As of August Tuesday, Akçaray has heralded the arrival of 10 minutes.


General Secretary İlhan Bayram, who is in the building of the ongoing service building, instructed the contractor company officials to carry on the works carefully. Akçaray on-line inspecting the work on the tram line Secretary General İlhan Bayram, continuing their free time Akçaray'da peron production announced that the end of production.


The Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Bayram, travels with the citizens in Akçaray on certain days of the week in order to follow the workings of the works. Secretary General Bayram listens to the demands and requests of the citizens and informs the authorities about the smooth running of the flights.


Akçaray tram line stops on the spot, General Secretary Ilhan Bayram, some of the names of the stops were made changes, he said. Bayram continued his words as follows: devam We evaluate the color, name and demands of the citizens on the tram. Upon the demand of our people, the name change was made on the 3 station. Fair, Mehmet Alipaşa instead of fair, Doğukışla, instead of Bekirdere Mehmetalipaşa names began to be used.


Secretary General Bayram said, X There are 4 units along the route and 7 units side platforms at the stations manufactured for disabled citizens. A sensible surface coating was also made for the visually impaired. Steel installations of the canopies that will protect the passengers from the sun and rain are completed. Finishing operations in the accumulation areas in front of the ramps that provide access to the station are finished. The necessary equipment for electrical supply within the station has been installed and the productions have been completed. Glass assemblies came to the end. The installation works of the guardrails surrounding the stations will be completed as soon as possible and will be finalized. İstasyon



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