Akçaray staff received Deray training

Akçaray personnel received Deray training: In the Akçaray project implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the training of technical personnel continues after the training of the citizens. In the first phase of the Akçaray project, where 44 homeland started to work, 13 technical personnel were given deray training which means derailment by the manufacturer company. At the end of the trainings, the technical staff had enough knowledge to be able to get the derailed vehicle back onto the tracks.


Technical trainings of the citizens who started to work with the introduction of the tram line continue. Akçaray vehicles are subject to a proficiency exam after theoretical and practical training. The candidates who get enough points from the exam start taking their papers. The training of the patriots is not limited to driving training. Training is provided on technical subjects at the level they can intervene in emergency situations. Technical personnel working in the repair and maintenance of Akçaray vehicles were trained in emergency trainings. In the case of derailment of tramway vehicles (Deray), the technical and practical trainings were transferred to the staff.


Deray training was given to 13 personnel working in the maintenance and repair part of the tram cars. In the event that the vehicles were derailed during the travel, the process of lowering them back to the rails was shown as practical after the theoretical information was given. Within the scope of emergency trainings, the trainings given to the technical personnel were shown as two different days as day and night. Tramway vehicles were dismantled under the supervision of expert trainers in the night straight road and night, and were brought back onto the rail with special equipment.


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