Pamukova train crash over 13 years have passed, problems have not changed

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Pamukova 13. on the anniversary of the railway problems, he noted.

Ali Ekber Cakar, the chairman of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, announced that the XAUMX of Pamukova train accident. on the anniversary of the railway problems, he noted.

Chairman of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Ali Ekber Çakar pointed out that the problems on the railways continue on the 13th anniversary of the Pamukova train accident. Pointing out that the decline in rail transport has reached 1 percent, Çakar called for an end to the privatization, fragmentation and liquidation policies in railways.

Ali Ekber Çakar, Chairman of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers of TMMOB, stated in his written statement on the anniversary of the Pamukova Accident, which resulted in the death of 13 people 41 years ago, that the liquidation of the professional and scientific policies that were the cause of the Pamukova Accident on July 22, 2004 still continues. Age is a reliable, stable, country and society need a transportation system that represents the interests of today that Turkey felt more than ever before, but he said that transport policies in the opposite direction.

Çakar said, ük The transportation system is becoming more unstable, unsafe, expensive and unhealthy. For this reason, as in every year, our room needs to draw attention to the causes and the railway policies that lead to Pamukova yol Accident Bu this year. This 'accident', which caused the deaths and injuries of dozens of our citizens, was due to the lack of groundwork studies and the failure to fulfill the requirements of engineering services. Onlar


Drawing attention to the fact that passengers and freight transport have been reversed in railways in the last 60 years, Çakar has decreased from 1950 percent in passenger and 42 percent in freight in 78; He said road transport increased to 1.1 percent in passenger and 4.6 percent in freight. Stating that TCDD was fragmented and incorporated, a model that regards free market requirements instead of a public service approach, Çakar said, “The real estates of TCDD started to be sold and employees were subjected to precarious working styles. As reflected in the SAI reports, TCDD suffers. "The right of public-society benefit-based transportation is liquidated by the commercialization of the railway and its opening to the market after land and airline."


Some of the recommendations that Çakar listed as an alternative to these wrong policies are as follows;

  • In the entire transport and railways; all privatizations, infrastructure, vehicle, land, facility, operation and real estate, municipalities and third parties should be stopped.
  • Weight should be given to rail transportation in freight and passenger transportation by harmonizing between all modes of transport and railway transportation should be planned in a planned way.
  • In line with the necessary infrastructure, maintenance and renovation works, it should be directed to eski speed rail mal projects on old lines; “fast / accelerated train yeni projects that are not based on new infrastructure and high standard new line construction should be stopped.
  • New rail systems should be integrated with existing transport networks and light rail systems, especially the metro, should be expanded in cities.
  • Disassembling of TCDD, disabling political staff, and dismantling expert staff at all levels should be terminated. Performance based wage ”,“ total quality management göre etc. Applications should be removed.
  • Maintenance-repair shops and all facilities should be re-activated.
  • The TCDD's debit and loss policy should be abandoned.


p style = "text-align: right;"> Source: Ankara / environmental

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  1. every year mmo same words every day.Demiryollartinde every day is experiencing innovations .. So that does not count on the site. When the European Union examines the European Union, it understands the error.YHT = balanced cheap. Safe and every year travel network and train service is increasing.

  2. BTS is also a distorted event. In this case, the universities do not listen to the real experts. But the universities do not understand these issues.