Level Crossing to Ordu Caddesi, Bandirma

Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Edip Uğur held an information meeting about the tradesmen of Bandırma Ordu Street. Bandirma Chamber of Commerce organized by the Chamber of Commerce in the conference hall, the Mayor of the Mayor Dursun Mirza, Bandırma Chamber of Commerce President Mehmet Kılkışlı, Stock Exchange President Halit Sezgin, AK Party Deputy Cemal Oztaylan and Ordu Street tradesmen participated. At the meeting, President Uğur informed about the projects of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bandırma and provided information about the leveling of the passageway on Ordu Street.


President Uğur informs about the level crossing planned to be built on Bandırma's Ordu Avenue. After the project was prepared, we told our tradesmen to explain this. We took Ordu Avenue as the Metropolitan. we want to make it a prestige street here. Electric signaling line will work. There will be difficulties. 2016 in 28 is passing the train so far. Barriers 6 min. Closing. 3 per hour per hour. This 28 will find 60 once the barriers are closed. The number of vehicles passing through Ordu Street is 24 bin 350. so you need to make a passage here. Tender 24 will be held in August. 145 meter length, 5 spaced. The highest point is to be 8.20. It could be parked in the middle. We don't want our tradesmen to be victims. The disabled will be in the elevator for children and the elderly. There will be a passageway for the shoppers to park. If we don't make this gate here, this is a dead end. We will do the lighting, landscaping, everything. We did this in Balıkesir where the Maternity Hospital is located. Bunu

President Ugur Project of the words to express what they want to finish in the year 2018 said: "Bandirma Balikesir not only important for Turkey. We want to make the vision of the city of Banda in Turkey. Metropolitan Municipality for Bandırma Interchange 1.5 million pounds spent. We're going to build this on the highways. Everything for the convenience of the people of Bandırma. This year we want to make the tender of the junction. We will make the city valuable with these investments. Otherwise, the number of vehicles is increasing day by day. We will complete this project in 2018. Bu



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