The level crossing has been opened in Kuşçuburun neighborhood

The level crossing was opened in Kuşçuburun quarter and the danger started again. Following the problems in the urban traffic, the level crossing was reopened to the vehicle passage. Truck and truck drivers are still worried about the risk of accident in a level crossing

The level crossing in Kuşçuburun neighborhood was closed to traffic following the frightening accident in the previous weeks. After the urban traffic in the district was tightened, the level crossing was reopened. Citizens with a traffic accident, again, was faced with a possible accident risk. The citizens of Torbalı, where the İZBAN line is heavily used, want a solution where the traffic in the city is not affected and the risk of accidents is minimized.


The level crossing truck and truck drivers preferred as a route for the realization of many shipments became the fearful dream again. The drivers said, “We are not at all comfortable using this level crossing. There is a need to bring a solution where life and property security is better. Closing the level crossing after the accident extended our way. Now we face danger. We want the authorities to come up with a solution on this issue. Bu




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