Statement from ISPARK on allegations of irregularity

Statement on the allegations of irregularity from İSPARK: Irregularities were detected in only 477 of İSPARK's 14 parking lots, including road, open and closed parking lots.

İSPARK terminated the employment contracts of 20 employees between April 20 and May 2017, 21, long before the abuse incident was reported in the press.

İSPARK has revealed the misconduct in its inspections and inspections, and as a result of a rigorous study, the devices of all personnel were reviewed and it was determined that the number of employees was 21.

As a result of the technical examination, the number of personnel that was abused is 819 thousand TL. As all data that the staff tries to erase are registered in the central database, all damages suffered by the company will be collected from the related parties. The legal process related to this was initiated by İSPARK.

In addition, a criminal complaint was filed with 21 personnel who were abused and dismissed.

İSPARK's loss of loss:
İSPARK, which was established in Istanbul to end unqualified management, that is to say, has achieved this success.

İSPARK, which operates in various service areas with 2350 staff, has won the appreciation of Istanbulites with this aspect.

The service-oriented, non-profit SWP has never lost any since its establishment.

İSPARK pays the 25 of the turnover per month as a rent share to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

İSPARK to IMM; 2012 million 44 thousand at 920, 2013 million at 48, 925 at 2014, 57 at 238, 2015 at 68, 473 at 2016, 69 at 265, 2017 at 32.

Since the establishment of İSPARK, 12 has been paying 483 million 452 thousand TL to IMM annually. In the IMM, a certain proportion of this money is distributed to the district municipalities according to their population.

Since its establishment, approximately 2 billion liras has been taken from unregistered employees, İSPARK has made many investments besides tax and personnel expenses.
These figures reveal that İSPARK is not in profit but in profit.

In addition, İSPARK operates in many streets and streets in order to prevent the presence of staffs and to engage in public interest. İSPARK produces social benefits at these points. Again in some social areas, İSPARK serves the benefit of the citizen, albeit at a loss, as it is not a profit.

In-house changes have nothing to do with the news and content. Such organizational changes are made from time to time in İSPARK, a dynamic organization.
In spite of all these facts, all İSPARK employees are disqualified with the intended publications made by the relevant newspaper.

Although the misconduct that was determined by 21 has been referred to the judiciary, the case will be opened for material and non-pecuniary damages for those responsible for these publications aiming at harming the subject and causing the employees to be under suspicion.

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 18:21

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