Governor Fahri Meral: “Karaman Investment is a City Val

Karaman Governor Fahri Meral, met with members of the press in the city.

Press conference held in the police; In addition to Governor Fahri Meral, Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan, Deputy Governor Sezer Işıktaş, Mustafa Türkcan, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander İlhan Şen, Provincial Police Director Levent Tutuk, local and national press representatives.

In his speech at the meeting, Governor Meral said, ve Since 28 June 2017 where I started working in Karaman; I would like to thank all Karamanlı fellow citizens, especially your esteemed members of the press, for their close and warm interest in the honorable Karamanians.

I would like to act together with our press members in the future and ask for solutions and solutions. Nowadays, management should be dominated by a management approach based on communication rather than one-sided management. Therefore, both non-governmental organizations and members of the press as the most important task in transferring the problems and solutions to the public is coming at the beginning of our organizations. I would like to thank all my colleagues who have contributed to the press.

Karaman is an ancient city with a long history. In addition, Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey's Turkish Language Edict gained the title of the capital of the Turkish language, a city that sets an example for the Anatolian provinces. Here I am honoring Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey '' he said.

Governor Meral aman Airport, High Speed ​​Railway, OIZ Load Center and Railway, Free Zone, Energy Specialized Zone, Technopark, Second OIZ, Karaman Ring Road projects have significant investments. I would like to thank to Mr. Minister, deputies, mayor and all those who contributed to this project, who did not leave us alone with the follow-up and support of these important projects. Bu

Governor Meral eral Provincial Police Department and the Provincial Gendarmerie Command have been conducting operations on a regular basis. In this struggle, we take all kinds of measures and measures as state. Bu

Governor Meral, thanks to all the press members for their participation in the press conference, the Turkish Press for the removal of censorship 109. He celebrated the 24 July Press Day of Karaman Press and its employees because of the anniversary and the press day.

A sincere sohbet The meeting, which continued in the environment, ended with taking a souvenir photo after the press members' problems and solution suggestions were discussed.

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