Aegean will be the logistics center and investment haven

Chamber of Shipping Izmir Branch Chairman of the Board Ozturk, maritime transportation in recent years, both in the international market and in the sense of the local promising developments occurred.

İzmir Branch of İMEAK Chamber of Shipping (DTO) İzmir Branch Chairman Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İzmir Branch of the Maritime Chamber of Commerce (DTO) stated that there are developments that they have difficulty following in the international arena in the maritime transport sector, new acquisitions and share changes are continuing and the sector is approaching exit. He said that the Aegean will become both a logistics center and an investment paradise as long as the investments that will connect the ongoing ports in Turkey to each other and industrial zones through railway and highway networks are completed. Öztürk said that a month has passed when the consumer confidence index rose in the economy, foreign fund inflows to our country accelerated, records broke in the stock market, and the trend to increase in foreign exchange slowed down.

Expressing that unemployment rates have declined with various practices, Öztürk said, "In order for the positive trend in the economy to continue and to become permanent and sustainable, instead of speculative fund investments coming to our country with high interest rates, it is essential to increase foreign direct investments and especially growth based on production and exports."

Ozturk, said:

“There are developments in the maritime transport sector that we have difficulty following in the international arena. New acquisitions and stock exchanges continue. The event has now exceeded the redistribution of cards, cards are reprinted. Container lines are forming new alliances. The latest Japanese container lines have combined international operations under one roof. As a result of these measures, there are improvements in container freights, and the shipping industry is one step closer to overcoming the crisis. "

"The Aegean will become a logistics center"

Expressing that investments in the Aegean Region that will connect ports to each other and industrial zones through rail and road networks are continuing, Öztürk said, “The Izmir-Istanbul highway work continues on both sides and is planned to be completed by the end of 2018. The zoning plan studies continue for the Izmir Bay Crossing Project, which is planned to be put out to tender this year. Kemalpaşa Logistics Center railway connection was completed. Seferihisar, Çeşmealtı, Bayraklı, Şakran and Özdere marina projects and the ground survey, EIA and feasibility studies of fishermen's shelters continue. Tender work for the Aliağa-Çandarlı-Bergama railway line continues. Nemrut Bay port railway connection roads were put into service, ”he said.

Stating that with all these infrastructure works, the Aegean Region will become both a logistics center and an investment paradise, Yusuf Öztürk said, “Within the scope of the Production Reform Package, an industrial zone will be established in Çandarlı in the North Aegean as well as in Bandırma in the South Marmara. Designing the North Aegean Çandarlı Port Project to handle production units and logistics together would be extremely accurate. In our region, there are some hot developments that are closely related to our country's foreign policy, energy and maritime transportation corridors and consequently our maritime business. While China accelerates the iron and sea Silk Road project, the Eastern Mediterranean is warming as a result of the global conflict over energy resources. "The ports of our country have to keep up with these developments and global competition," he said.

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