Container expeditions started at Gökköy Logistics Center

Container services started at Gökköy Logistics Center: Balıkesir is preparing to stand out in the logistics sector. Container services started in Gökköy Logistics Center of Balıkesir

Gökköy Logistics Center, located in Balıkesir OSB, will become one of the important transportation bases of the region. Balıkesir, which has gained a strategic importance in transportation with the Istanbul - İzmir Highway, Çanakkale 1915 Bridge and highway projects, will be a world brand city with the freight transfer from the logistics village. İsmail Uğur, Deputy Chairman of Balıkesir OIZ, explained the benefits that the project will bring to Balıkesir. Uğur said, “Our logistics center, which is a very serious investment of the Ministry of Transport, has been completed and presented to the service of manufacturers of industrialists. As OSB, we invited the companies for the logistic village that was put into service for use. ”

Expressing that the work on import and export has started, Uğur said, “Hopefully, the actions will increase in terms of export-import, container and dry cargo in the coming days. We discussed with the company officials whether there are any problems. We are also discussing with our industrialists about exporting from here. Because there are serious advantages in terms of freight when exporting. We will ask our Prime Minister and Minister regarding the opening of customs as of September with the start of the movement here. ” Uğur continued as follows:

“As it is known, we have an export target of 2023 billion dollars in 500 and we need to reach this target. With the growth of Balıkesir OSB and our logistics center becoming a base, our industrialists will not need to go to İzmir or other cities. He will be able to transport his goods from Balıkesir to all over the world with the container. With the project planned to be integrated with the Tekirdağ-Bandırma Train Project and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, the products loaded from the region will have uninterrupted transmission opportunities to Europe and Central Asia. ”

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