TÜVASAŞ Least High School Graduate 40 Employees


Turkey Wagon Industry will hold at least a high school graduate recruiting civil servants. According to the announcement published by the TCDD affiliate TÜVASAŞ workers are doing. Continuous worker recruitment is included in our application requirements and details.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications depends on Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. public personnel are making purchases. According to the ad published in the State Personnel Presidency 40 to serve in Turkey Wagon Industry structure will be recruiting permanent workers. Some details about the recruitment of associate and bachelor's degree civil servants are included in our report.

Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. recruitment will be held in two different statuses. In this context, the requirement to graduate from the relevant departments of secondary education institutions for the recruitment of 29 workers is stipulated. For the remaining 11 worker recruitment, it is stipulated to be an associate degree graduate from the related departments of vocational schools. KPSS P93 and KPSS P94 score types will be based on recruitment.

Turkey Wagon Industry 40 recruitment advertisement will be published by TEO. After the publication of the advertisement on the web site of İŞKUR, the relevant learning conditions and other conditions will be announced. With the publication of these ads, applications will start and 10 will last for days. Candidates must be registered to the İŞKUR job seeker system to make an application.

TÜVASAŞ personnel recruitment applications will be made through İşkur until the 26 July 2017 date. Candidates will be subject to an oral examination.

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