Yaşaroğlu Automotive becomes the Izmir dealer of TEMSA

Yaşaroğlu Automotive dealers TEMSA Izmir was: Turkey's leading bus manufacturer Temsa, continues to strengthen its dealer network in the Aegean region. 5 Prestige SX was delivered to 52 company at the opening of TEMSA's authorized dealer Yaşaroğlu Otomotiv in İzmir.

Turkey's leading bus company Temsa, abroad continues to strengthen its network of authorized dealers worldwide. TEMSA, which has recently added Yaşaroğlu Otomotiv to its dealer network in the Aegean Region, is getting stronger in İzmir. Yaşaroğlu Automotive General Manager Yaşar Özkan, TEMSA General Manager Dinçer Çelik, TEMSA Domestic Sales Director Murat Anıl, TEMSA Domestic Sales Manager Baybars Dağ, TEMSA Regional Sales Manager İrfan Özsevim and TEMSA Corporate Communications Manager Ebru Ersan attended.


Transferring his pleasure to cooperate with Yaşaroğlu Otomotiv, who has 30 years of experience in the automotive sector, TEMSA General Manager Dinçer Çelik said, Yaş Today, we are opening our İzmir dealer with Yaşaroğlu Otomotiv, who established TEMSA Ankara Dealer in 2016. Happily to us, Yaşaroğlu Otomotiv carried its satisfaction from TEMSA vehicles from Ankara to İzmir. ”

Elements that make TEMSA a leader

Dinçer Çelik, who pointed out that there are two important elements that carry TEMSA to market leadership, said: One of these elements is the ability to produce quality vehicles by providing fast solutions to the expectations and needs of the market. Another is the dealer and authorized service network, which makes your success continuous and is actually the most important element for each brand. If you produce a quality product but do not support it in the after-sales process, you will not have a chance to become a leader. These are the two elements that make us strong. Our dealers and services are among the most important parts of the TEMSA family. I am very happy to see Yaşaroğlu Otomotiv among TEMSA family and wish you success. In Izmir, Ant Oto made very important contributions to TEMSA. We also thank the management of Ant Oto and wish them continued success. Here, the fact that we strengthen our presence with two dealers shows the importance we give. With our dealers and authorized services in the Aegean Region, TEMSA will raise the flag much higher in the coming period. I believe that..

We are happy to join TEMSA family

Yaşaroğlu Otomotiv General Manager Yaşar Özkan stated that they have been operating in the automotive sector for 30 years and said, dik We have been providing automotive services to our customers in İzmir for many years. After a process, our paths crossed with TEMSA. We started the cooperation process when the customer expectations, the service process we wanted to offer them, and TEMSA's understanding of the customer, and the high quality product range. We took the first step in 2016 in Ankara. Then we moved it to Izmir. leading brand in Turkey bus market, we are delighted to take part in the TEMSE family. We hope that we will contribute to TEMSA's growing targets as a dealer. ”

5 to the company 52 Prestige SX

At the opening of Yaşaroğlu Automotive, deliveries were made to five companies. 25 TEMSA Prestij SX to Pamukkale Tourism, 6 TEMSA Prestij SX to MDE Tourism, 6 TEMSA Prestij SX City to Muğla Mumcular Cooperative, 5 Prestige SX to Ferhan Tourism and 10 Prestige SX to Özseçkin Turizm. performed. Making statements during the delivery, TEMSA General Manager Dinçer Çelik said, “Prestige SX continues to be the primary choice of transporters. Last week, we delivered 30 Prestige to Gürsel Tourism with your participation. Today, we are delivering 52 Prestige SX to three valuable companies of the Aegean region. It is also a pleasure to deliver at the opening of our dealer. Our Prestige SX vehicles are good for our companies, good luck, plenty of kazanMay he be blessed."

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