Women support the idea of ​​'wagon for men' in Japan

Support for women to the idea of ​​'wagon for men' in Japan: A survey conducted in Japan revealed that the majority of women regard the idea of ​​'wagon for men'.

The Japanese Macromill research company brought a different approach to the 'women's-wagon' application in Japan, asking subway users for their ideas about a possible 'men's-wagon'.

In Tokyo and its suburbs, 15 percent of 59 women, who regularly use the metro between school or work and home, who participated in a survey of 500 people between the ages of 242 and 74, said that they would support such an application. The proportion of women who said they would never support the practice remained at 0,4.

The survey also gave close results on men. While the rate of men who say they will not support the application does not exceed 35 percent, 51 percent said that they will support the practice and 14.3 percent will definitely support it.

While it was understood that the reason for the support given by women to this proposal was the principle of “equality”, it was understood that the support given by men was related to misunderstanding and anxiety to be considered as abusive.

Japanese trains, which are famous for being punctual as well as punctual, often experience harassment. The 'wagon for women' application, which was developed as a 'measure' for this, serves in the busy hours of the day in some big cities.

Source : I tr.sputniknews.co



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