In Bursa, the v priority wagon tep application for our female passengers continues!

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Company BURULAŞ, Bursaray station "female wagons to our passengers" began to practice. Reacting to the discrimination in the wagons of women from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe'dan wanted to put an end to the application, the Büyük female wagons to our female passengers ı writings were painted in the station!

Transportation Company of the Metropolitan Municipality BURULAŞ started to implement Şirketi primary wagon for our female passengers esi in Bursaray stations.

The first article was placed at the Otosansit station.

BURULAŞ officials said that the last wagon will give priority to women, but men can also travel in these wagons. 40 station will be written in the coming days will be recorded.

The application attracted great reaction on social media. Some citizens supported the practice.

The members of Bursa Women's Platform called 444 16 00 and asked the Metropolitan Municipality to drop the phone and asked for an end to the application.

In addition, social media #KadinlaraAyriVagonuKuymiyoruz #bursabuyuksehir #Burulas #kadin #Bursa #BKP tags were shared with a large number.

A group of women, BURULAŞ'ın "priority to wagon passengers" by painting the message showed the reaction of the application showed.

The action was shared on social media with the title med Women of Bursa as the rebellious women Eylem.

CHP Bursa Provincial Presidency protests, "Women, the Metropolitan Municipality other women 's irrational application' lady said the priority to the wagon," he shared the title with the public.

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  1. There's no way to react. I want to support the project. Thank you, President.