Minister Arslan: "We will continue our aggressive attitude in transportation projects"

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "We will continue our aggressive stance as transportation projects related to Turkey. In Turkey advantageous position in relation to all types of transportation. Turkey gives the right of it and hopefully will continue to do so. " said.

Minister Arslan made a statement to members of the press before a panel on global connectivity with transport ministers at the International Transport Forum (ITF) 2017 Annual Summit in Leipzig, Germany.

Arslan emphasized that the forum in question is important for the transportation sector.

Especially in recent years, the steps taken in the transport sector, the integration of which is supplied developments and the international transport corridor, eyes Arslan, indicating that caused the reversal in Turkey, "Especially in recent years in China's 'one-way single generation' project within the framework of the Asia and Far East, Europe's transport goals set within the framework of Turkey's position and the position in order to connect the corridor between about 3 continents, with particular bring very important. " he spoke.

"In the eyes of the entire world in Turkey"

Worldwide, Arslan eye of transport ministers voicing over Turkey, "a part of the international corridor within the meaning of the transport corridors recent years, Turkey is required in the road, need iron in the way, both aviation and attracts attention with both breakthrough in the maritime sector and projects with world target exhibits harmonious painting. Turkey's look at his projects in many forums on this issue so we're doing here as well as bilateral meetings, steps taken, we are the future steps and they talked with the integration of the international corridors. " used expressions.

Armstrong, leap made by Turkey in the railway sector in recent years and the corridors that want to express is very important, "because the land routes in terms of both our east-west axis of our divided highway and yaptığım the north-south axis corridors again assume the position complementary to the international corridors too It is overrated. " spoke in the form.

Minister Arslan, Turkey's transport projects in the sense of the question of whether to continue aggressive development "Turkey is behaving aggressively in terms of transportation projects' As we translate your sentence; Anatolian geography is in a very important position when you look on the map. Based on the idea that it is an intercontinental bridge but it is necessary to make it a real bridge and to complete the transportation corridors connecting Europe and Asia, Africa and Africa, in order to give the right to these lands that are irrigated with the blood of our martyrs and left as a homeland. we are very aggressive. ” He answered.

“We will continue our aggressive attitude towards transportation projects”

Arslan stressed that Turkey's Minister to act in this way, he said:

“Because we know that transportation infrastructures are indispensable for the growth of the country, the industry, the trade. Let me express my satisfaction in this regard. We are not the only transmitters saying this sentence. Mr. President, our Prime Minister also supports this belief. We are grateful to them. As such, we need to do them in a way that completes the transport corridor. It is very important both to increase the social welfare of our people and to increase the trade, industry and economy of our country due to transportation. More importantly, whether through Turkey sourced from the world's shipping trade, thereby creating added value to Turkey, we've put an extraordinary effort to obtain additional revenues. "

Transportation projects related to the aggressive attitude of Turkey voicing Armstrong continued, "In Turkey, about all kinds of transport advantageous position gives Turkey the right to it, I hope you will continue to do so." said.

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