Minister Arslan: We have become a country that has completed 68 kilometers tunnel per year.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "We have come from a country that has built 17 thousand 3 meters of Bolu tunnel in 50 years, to a country that has completed 68 kilometers of tunnels per year." said.

After his contacts in Kars, Arslan, who passed to Ardahan with his accompanying people, was met by Ardahan Governor İbrahim Özefe, AK Party Ardahan Deputy Orhan Atalay, AK Party Provincial Mayor Yunus Baydar, Çıldır District Governor Bedirhan İmamoğlu, Çıldır Mayor Kemal Yakup Azizoğlu and other officials.

Arslan, who examined the works in the Aşık Festival Tunnel on the Çıldır-Aktaş road, received information from the relevant parties.

Armstrong, in a statement after the investigation, to make it accessible everywhere in the ministry as Turkey said they are working day and night.

Minister Arslan said, “We work all over 780 thousand square kilometers. Today, we pass this region through a tunnel, in order to raise the standard of the road at the Aktaş Border Gate, which goes to Georgia in our county of Serhat, Ardahan, in Çıldır district, to prevent drivers and vehicles from suffering here, especially in the harsh winter conditions. This tunnel consists of two tubes of 2 thousand 300 meters. Two departures, two arrivals will be a total of four lanes. ” he spoke.

The total length of the two tunnels is 4 thousand 600 meters, it is over a thousand 817 meters recorded the end of the lion, teams from both sides working unremittingly told.

Stating that the divided road works continue with the tunnel, Arslan said, “Georgia will be reached much more easily with Akşık Border Tunnel, Ardahan, Artvin and Kars' Aktaş Border Gate. We are not satisfied with that. We came from a country that built the 17-meter Bolu tunnel in 3 years, to a country that completed 50 kilometers of tunnels annually. If you think of this tunnel from the beginning to the end, we will be completely finished in 68 years. Thus, we will increase the travel comfort of our people. ” used expressions.

Increasing trade standards by increasing trade standards, the country's economy will be strengthened indicating that Arslan, the project is an important link in terms of international freight transport, he added.

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