Reaction to a sexist wagon: We come with purple sweepers for their pink wagons

In Bursa, women express their reactions to the #WomenDo not accept the women against sexist wagon practice.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality transport company brought to the subway by Burulaş 'women will be given priority' wagon application continues to react.

While women have been expressing their reactions in the fields and social media for days, there has not been any step back from the municipality.

However, women are determined to continue their activities until the end of the practice.

Women on social media, "Come on women, their pink wagons, we come with our purple brooms," with the slogan this evening at 19.00'da #WomenAsayTheVagonu will accept the patient will share their reactions.

Women urged everyone to support their actions and struggles.

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Günceleme: 17/12/2018 18:04

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  1. What happened to our women. Does not work well… Does the comfort sink?. did those who elected the mayor came from space?. the person you chose serves you. close your chin 3 bristles.

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