Kurt, We're Always Behind Our Machinists

Kurt, We are Always Behind Our Machinists: General Director of TCDD Transport Inc. Veysi Kurt participated in the iftar programs organized by the Association of Railway Machinists (DEMARD), Elazığ, Kayseri and İskenderun Branches on 16-18 June. Erol Arıkan, the Head of the Department of Passenger Transportation, the provincial staff, DEMARD managers and members of the program in the program determined by the new process in the road map was also evaluated.

Circle of Fire, Our Falling Mission is to Work Hard in the Union of Love and Volunteers

Tan During the month of Ramadan, I am very happy to be with my colleagues who have shed their forehead in our country. Approaching the end of the month of Ramadan, so far we tried to do with the iftar brothers and provincial staff. We've troubled them, we shared with them to take our company to better points. As you know, the responsibility of our Company that joins to the railway sector is heavy, our way is long and it is pitiful. Let us not forget that the railway is the locomotive in the development of our country. In this consciousness, we will firstly adopt the principles of using our resources efficiently and effectively, not wasting, obeying work safety and obeying the rules in order not to cause accidents. As I emphasized in the workplaces I visited each time, we will think about everything from a dripping tap to a lit lamp, the spent paper, the working locomotive, and we will never be unconcerned. These wastes are lost for both our country and our company. Let's not forget, our region is going through very difficult times, our circle of fire ring. For this reason, our mission is to develop our country by working hard in the task, love and heart union. I know that every member of our company is in this consciousness, I trust you. "

Our Company Improves the Income and Expense Balance in a Short Time

Kurt, TCDD Transportation Inc family as a day; 20 bin in high-speed trains, 200 bin in Marmaray, 50 thousand passengers in conventional trains, 100 carry thousands of tons of freight , Our country is the fastest and most economic middle railway corridor between Asia and Europe, üç he said. Marmaray, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway, high-speed and fast railway projects, logistics centers, etc. built and operated. With the investments, the railway is becoming the main backbone of the transportation system. Our company is aiming to transport not only in our country but also in the area of ​​1 million square kilometers. Şirket

We Are Always Behind Our Machinists

Kurt concluded his words as follows: biz The duty that we have fulfilled and the work expected from us are great and we will perform our duties with the awareness of this. The duty and responsibility of our machinists is much heavier. On this difficult path, you are proud of your work without sacrifice day and night. We'il always be behind you. Your troubles are our concern. I express my gratitude to all of my machinist brothers on behalf of the Company's employees. Tüm

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