The farmer wants the train to go to Gemlik from the highway, not from the plain

The rails can pass everywhere, but there is no fertile soil Gem The farmer wants the train to go to Gemlik, not from the plain, but from the highway

The change in Osmangazi Chamber of Agriculture took place in February. Hakan Ekim, who served as Chamber Chair for the 2 years, became the Speaker of the Assembly in the new division of office.
Following this change of duty between them, Osmangazi Chamber of Agriculture President İsmail Altınkaya and his deputy Kadir Çiçek and board members Ahmet Çiçek, Cevat Esen, Ali Kaynak visited our visit.
Yasemin Kayalı was an agricultural engineer at Oda.
SohbetFarmers' problems and the condition of the plain were discussed. In particular, they are reactive to the current situation of the Bursa Plain and are worried about its future.
They said:
Sorun The biggest problem of the plain today is illegal construction. The interesting thing is: While every building is intervened in the villages, water and electricity are immediately connected to all the buildings built into the fields and gardens. İl
At this point…
"How will the fight with the fugitive?" He asked and said:
Iyor Ova is going hand in hand. Agricultural areas have already declined, but this will never be left. Tarım
They drew greater attention to the greater threat to the large threatened plain:
Ti The Ring Road has passed through the fertile soil of the plain. Then we gave our deveci pear, black fig, peach and apple orchards for the high speed train. Now the Gemlik train is threatening the rest of our plain. Şimdi
That's what he said:
Topr The train line, which will leave Dereçavus and reach to Kurşunlu from Gündoğdu, passes through the fertile lands and through the very special orchards that the world admired. “
They added:
Elma We have no objection to the train elma The rails can be passed through all kinds of terrain, but deveci pear, black figs, apples, peaches do not grow anywhere. We are trying to protect our land. Biz
Suggestions are:
”The train to Gemlik should go not from the middle of the plain and the orchards, but from the new highway and empty lands.“
When he was in charge of things, what he said came to us.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I



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