Kocaeli Tramway and Coach Room

Reaction to Kocaeli tram free of charge from the Chamber of Minibuses and Busmen: Mustafa Kurt, President of the Kocaeli Chamber of Minibuses and Busers, said that it was difficult for the busmen to take bread to their homes because the tram was free.

Mustafa Kurt, Head of Kocaeli Minibuses and Coaches Chamber, made a statement about the tram, which started its services last week and will provide free service until 15 July. Stating that 2180 people are providing public transportation services in Kocaeli, Kurt stated that 650-700 thousand people use public transportation daily. Stating that the bus drivers are performing a difficult service, Kurt said, kazanThey were in much better condition than they are today. In those years, no transportation was free, and vehicle capital was lower, although we were doing our job much better with love. In recent days, as technology develops, our operating expenses and free boarding increases, this business no longer has an attractive side. At first, vehicle capitals increased a lot," he said.

shopkeeper's money kazanEmphasizing that he is having difficulty in buying a vehicle, Kurt said, “Today, we pay back 260.000 TL for a brand new vehicle we bought, as 60 TL with a 380.000-month loan. Until the loan payment of the vehicle is completed, the new vehicle is scrapped by completing 10 years. It is clearly seen that the tradesmen have difficulties in bringing bread.” Expressing that there is no free application anywhere in Turkey, Kurt said, “Let them make water free for 4 days for once. This is a very useless app. This tradesman will bring bread to his house, it's a shame, it's a sin," he said. Expressing his opinion on the fee for the tram, which has not yet been announced, Mustafa Kurt said, "The tram fee should be the same as the city tariff."

“We have no strength to endure”
Expressing that it is wrong for municipalities to compete with private affiliates by investing more than necessary, Kurt said, “Always transportation, always transportation. It's free now. We have no strength to bear. It is unacceptable that the tram is free for 1 month. Tradesmen were left as victims and they started the tram as if they were smuggling goods out of the fire. ”

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