Veysi Kurt: "The Machinist Profession Is Challenging and Sacred"

Veysi Kurt, General Manager of TCDD Transportation Inc., attended the iftar dinner held at 19 June 2017 by the Ankara Branch of Railway Engineers Association (DEMARD).

Iftar program, Veysi Kurt, as well as TCDD Transportation Inc. Deputy General Manager Mehmet Uras, Head of Department, DEMARD President Nami Aras and members of the association, a large number of company staff took part.

Liberalization Not Privatization

General Manager Kurt, addressing the participants at the end of the program in his speech expressed the following: '' 1 As of January 2017 TCDD divided into two and continue our way as two large families. TCDD will carry out infrastructure works and our company will provide train management and logistics services. This is not privatization, it is liberalization. I have no doubt that both institutions will fulfill their duties properly. Both institutions focused on their businesses within the framework of investment programs and achieved very good work in a short time. Our company with about 1000 people 10 logistics and transportation industry to improve our country day and night without sacrificing.

Makinistat is a professional and holy

Continuing his words by mentioning the difficulty and sanctity of the machinist profession, Kurt said to the machinists: The profession of machinism is tedious and sacred. We run trains close to 200 every day, we carry the burden of our country, we carry hundreds of thousands of people in the city, between cities, they are devoted machinists. Me and all the managers are behind our machinists, we do our best to solve their problems. You are worthy of the best of everything, we are pondering you to get the opportunities you deserve, we produce solutions. Your task requires a lot of attention, so let's pay close attention to the rules set for life and property safety and never compromise the rules. ”

Unity and Together We Succeed; We Disintegrate and Disappear by Conflict and Conflict

Kurt, who spoke about the importance of unity and solidarity, continued: 'Believing in each other, trusting, devotedly working to develop our industry and our country. Let's focus on our work and do our duties properly. Let's work hard to develop our company and our sector. Let us produce new ideas for today and tomorrow to be better than yesterday. We can achieve success by wanting, persevering and working. We achieve unity and solidarity; we disintegrate with conflict and conflict and disappear. People who believe and work only deserve success. '

We are grateful to our General Manager, Always with us

In his speech, DEMARD President Nami Aras said: iz We are grateful to our General Manager Veysi Kurt. Since we are always with the employees, we perform our duty with greater enthusiasm and determination. " said.

At the end of the program, DEMARD Ankara Branch Chairman Metin Gedik presented a plaque to Veysi Kurt in memory of the day.



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