Bozankaya to produce 10 pieces trolleybus for Sanliurfa

Bozanka to, 10 units will produce trolleybuses to Sanliurfa: Community transport electrical generating solutions 2 Bozanka to Turkey in the last six years in six different cities participated in the tender, which was also signed by a record.

After Malatya, Konya, Eskişehir, İzmir and Elazığ, Bozankaya branded electric vehicles will be served in public transportation in Şanlıurfa. Bozankaya will produce 24 meter trolleybuses for Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality. The vehicles will carry the Urfa to the 7 kilometer Balikligol line.

The new generation of vehicles with the name of the project Bozanka to announce to the world, was a pioneer in the transformation of the transition to electric public transportation systems in Turkey. Bozankaya won all of the tenders opened in six cities that have transitioned to environmentally friendly, economical, high performance and comfortable electric vehicles with its advantage in domestic production and technology. 20 of electric buses produced by Bozankaya in Ankara is used in Izmir, 4 in Eskişehir, 4 in Konya for public transportation and 15 pieces will be produced for Elazığ. In Malatya, 22 serves trumpets with Bozankaya brand. Lastly, Bozankaya won the trolleybus tender of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department.

Bozankaya will produce 10 pieces of 24 meter trolleybus for Şanlıurfa. In addition, the power supply, kataner, control, signaling, communication equipment and administrative building will be delivered to the municipality. After a total of 10 days, the trolleybuses of Bozankaya brand will start to serve the citizens in Şanlıurfa. Electric vehicles will carry an average of 330 thousand passengers per day on the line of the 7 kilometer. Bozankaya's produced so far, and it offers the service of public transportation electric vehicles, quality and trust in the President Bozanka Board indicating have proved themselves Aytunç Gunay, "all-electric vehicle auctions held in Turkey, we are proud to get. The vehicles we produce have world-class quality, comfort and travel safety. The proof of this, we take jobs worldwide and we have not received all the tenders opened in Turkey. Today, the tools that serve all around the world from Europe to America and even the Far East are proof of our claim. Ya

7 will serve million citizens
In Turkey, Gunay said that they receive all electric buses tenders have been opened so far, "urban agenda in Turkey are taking to electric transportation systems. The financial and environmental advantages it provides make electrical solutions especially in big cities. Our electric buses in Konya, Eskişehir, İzmir, Elazığ, modern trolleybus system in Malatya and Şanlıurfa became the symbol of the transformation in public transportation. We will provide 7 million citizens with comfortable and safe transportation with our vehicles to serve in six cities. We are proud of being preferred and appreciated as a local company. Yer

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