The Regulation on the Railway Coordination Board was Published in the Official Gazette

The Regulation on the Railway Coordination Board was Published in the Official Gazette: In the Official Gazette dated June 2, 2017, the Railway Coordination Board Regulation was published.

The Railway Coordination Board Regulation was published in the Official Gazette in order to determine the formation, duties, powers and responsibilities, working procedures and principles of the Railway Coordination Board.

Assembly; General Directorate of Railway Regulation, General Manager of Infrastructure Investments, General Manager of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport, General Manager of TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Manager.

In case the members of the Board are not in charge of their duties, those who are acting in their place shall attend the meeting as members of the Board. If necessary, the Board may invite other public institutions and organizations to the meeting without voting right and apply for their knowledge and experience.

Duties of the Board

  • To ensure harmonization and cooperation between railway infrastructure operators, railway train operators and other railway operators and General Directorate of Railway Regulation and to take necessary decisions for this
  • Developing railway policies and presenting to the Minister
  • To prepare a proposal for monitoring the railway sector and to present it to the Minister
  • To work on the investment needs of the railway sector and to present to the Minister
  • To carry out similar tasks assigned by the Minister

Duties and Powers of the Chairman

  • Representing the Board
  • Inviting the Board to the meeting and managing the meeting
  • To appoint one member as deputy chairman of the board

  • Informing the relevant persons and public administrations of the decisions taken

  • Informing the public on behalf of the Board

  • Direct correspondence with public administrations on behalf of the Board

  • Meeting of the Board

    The Board holds its ordinary meeting once every six months. In addition, in case of an important situation, upon the call of the Chairman of the Board or at the written request of at least two members, it may convene extraordinarily with the requested agenda. The Board shall convene with absolute majority under the chairmanship of the chairman or vice chairman. Decisions are taken by absolute majority of the total number of members. Abstentions cannot be cast. In case of equality of votes, the vote of the Chairman of the Board shall be counted as two votes.

    The agenda, place and time of the meetings are determined by the Chairman of the Board. Changes regarding these issues and documents regarding the issues to be discussed shall be communicated to the members at least five days before the meeting. The agenda of the meeting may be changed by the Board decision upon the proposal of the members during the meeting. Besides the members of the Board, the rapporteurs and the personnel assigned by the Chairman or the Secretariat may attend the meetings.

    For the full text of the regulation CLICK HERE.


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