TCDD Transportation Participated in KalDer Family

KalDer Ankara President Nazmi Karyağdı, "The quality of rail and municipal services will increase," he said.

Turkey, with the mission to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness and prosperity of the culture of excellence by transforming the lifestyle of its activities since 1990 years, Turkey Quality Association-lifting won two new corporate members.

KalDer Ankara Chairman Nazmi Karyağdı stated that TCDD and Çankaya Municipality joined the KalDer family and said that the quality of the railway and municipal services will increase with the works they will do with the two institutions.

. We are working closely with our public institutions, private companies and municipalities and improving our cooperation in order to improve the quality of life in our country, kurum said Karyağdı.

New Member TCDD Transportation Inc. Nazmi Karyağdı, who will carry out studies to increase the quality and productivity in railway transportation with d, gave information that they will work with Çankaya Municipality to develop and disseminate the quality in local services.

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