Private Train from Istanbul to Srebrenica

Train to Istanbul from Srebrenitsa: The Children of the World Association will take 100 to Bosnia with trains to join the march-Mira march on the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre. Young people will stay in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia to see these countries, visit Ottoman artifacts, and meet with related societies.

Our young people; 01 On July 2017, the train from Ispartakule (Edirne) will be on 18.00. To visit Sofia, Skopje and Belgrade; 6 will stay in Sarajevo for the rest of the time, and most of these places will be visited in Mostar, and 14 will return to Istanbul on July 2017.

The World Children's Association, which has organized various events since 1989 and made its first visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time, participates in the march of March-Mira 110 kilometer, which has been organized for the last six years to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Srebrenica massacre in the war of Bosnia.

Why Walker-Mira Walk?

During the Bosnian War, the 11 was handed over to the Serbian forces in July 1995 under the auspices of the UN Dutch soldiers. Serbian army; genocide, the inhumane practices of children, young elderly, women, men, Bosnians slaughtered. Bosnians who wanted to escape from Serbian forces reached Tuzla by night and night in the forest under bombardment. Only the 15 thousand survived the 5 bin Bosniak. Every year the March-Mira Peace March takes place every year in order to remember this journey and commemorate those who have lost their lives.


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