Driverless high-speed train hits the road in 2023 in France

In France, driverless high-speed train is on the way in 2023: In France, automatic high-speed trains developed by the state-owned company will be on the tracks in 2023!

The state-owned SNCF firm of France plans to use driverless trains in 2023. These trains, now called “drone trains”, will begin test drives in 2019, according to the SNCF statement. According to the firm, it will be possible to increase speed and effectiveness with this technology. If the company can achieve its goals, it will be the first in the world to run a driverless high-speed train (and France is the first country).

SNCF expects more trains between Paris and Lyon with a percentage of 25. In addition, the time between two trains will decrease by 72 seconds. This time 180 seconds.

These trains don't mean bad news for the mechanics. Although trains have sensors to detect obstacles on the rails, the train will continue to have officials for emergencies and unexpected events.

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