Forgotten Railway Improvement in Samsun

They forgot the Railway Improvement Work in Samsun: Samsun - Sivas Railway improvement works were started to be strengthened by removing the railway rails in Derebahçe Mahallesi locality.

However, the rails discharged from the rains and the accumulated water together with the rain began to give the appearance of a small stream for two months.

Two months ago, the excavation work stopped with a ladle. Germs formed in the accumulated water for two months began to threaten the neighborhood of Derebahçe.

While the inhabitants of the neighborhood cannot sleep from the sound of frogs, the health of children is primarily in danger because of the germs scattered around.

Residents of the neighborhood are forgotten for the Samsun-Sivas Railway ground improvement works and the Derebahçe neighborhood is waiting to be remembered as soon as possible and the work is completed.

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