Reaction to 'women's wagon' practice in Bursa

Reaction to the practice of 'wagon for women' in Bursa: At the Otosansit stop at Bursaray station in Bursa, an inscription "priority wagon for our female passengers" was placed at the entrances of the subway. CHP Bursa Deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu reacted to the practice.

A while ago, a petition was launched for women in Bursa for the pink wagon.

Demands of women in the past and outdated social media has attracted the great reaction of the citizens.

The people of Bursa had invited BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy to stop the fish hoard of transportation.

The first actual application for women passengers in the Bursa subway started!

At the Otosansit stop at Bursaray station in Bursa, "priority wagon for our female passengers" inscriptions were placed at the entrances of the subway.

In the light rail system used in inner city transportation in Bursa, wagon application is started to be given priority to women.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Company Burulaş officials, citizens will start to apply on demand from the metropolitan municipality, stating that women will be given priority in the last wagon, but men could travel in these wagons. 40 station will be written in the coming days will be recorded.

CHP Bursa Deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu, who said "This is a beginning, we know this", reacted to the practice.

Sharing a video on the subject, Kayışoğlu said, “This is Bursa's Otosansit stop metro station. As you can see, our female passengers have priority wagons here. This is an experiment. This is a beginning. We know that. We know that this mentality cannot solve any of the problems of women with this understanding. You cannot solve women's problems by pushing women out of social life. We hereby say once again that you cannot solve any of the problems of women by separating women and men starting from school, starting from the students, and raising the awareness of this society. If you want to solve women's problems, O local power, O general power, don't start with these writings first. Start with the education system first. First of all, as experts say, start by educating girls and boys within the same education system by getting each other accepted. Start by dictating to everyone that women should be in every aspect of life like men. Otherwise, by starting to differentiate women like this, by separating men and women, by trying to keep women at home, by trying to cut women out of business life, you cannot solve the problem of women, on the contrary, you will deepen them. From here, I am addressing the Metropolitan Mayor. You will remove it from here. We know this is a step up. We know this is an exercise. We know that you will try to spread it all over the place starting from here. We will not allow this. Because this does not solve the problem of women ”he said.

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    1. How many times did CHP Li female friends use Bursaray?
      It is not right to think about things.
      There are times when we are cramming. In order not to cause distress to the ladies, there are no acrobatic movements in the tram.
      Live the problem, think and express your opinion ...

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