Response to Passing of Konak Tram Line from Green Field

Reaction to Konak Tram Line Passing Through the Green Area: The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's initiation of an operation to pass the Konak Tram line through the green area in the middle of Gazi Boulevard drew reaction. TMMOB Provincial Coordination Board said that the studies carry the risk of irreversible damage to plane trees.
It was stated that the damage to the roots of a plane tree confirmed the concerns. The authorities were asked to stop the production of the products that would cause damage to the trees and dry in the short to medium term.


TMMOB made a press statement in the work area that started on the route leading through the plane trees in Gazi Boulevard. Term of the board sözcüSü Melih Yalçın, is located on an important artery for İzmir and has the same history with the construction date of the boulevard, and the sycamore trees, which are identified with the city's symbols and the street, have both historical values, their characteristics that complement the city's green texture, their contribution to the urban ecology and their natural appearance. He said that an application was made to the Directorate. Yalçın said, “The tramway construction was started without waiting for the completion of this process. "This construction work carries the risk of irreversible damage to plane trees."


During the tramway works, Necati Bey Boulevard, Halit Ziya Boulevard and Gazi Boulevard crossings of Şehit Fethi Bey Street will be closed to traffic alternately. Work on Cumhuriyet Boulevard will start tomorrow. The 250-meter section between Gazi Boulevard and Fevzipaşa Boulevard will be temporarily closed in the direction of Alsancak-Konak. Traffic will be given round trip.

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