RayHaber 06.06.2017 Tender Bulletin

Crane will be purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ)

Internal-External Painting Process of Furgon Wagons

Adana-İmamoğlu-Kozan-Kadirli-Osmaniye Railway Connection Surveying, Design and Consultancy Services

TÜLOMSAŞ Old Scissors Workshop Renovation of Electrical Installation

1 Regional Station, Station and Buildings, Electrical Compensation Systems

Design and Consultancy Services for Connection of Silver ABS Dissecting Line to Ulukışla Station

Kayseri Boğazköprü Logistics Center Ground Survey and Revision Projects

Torsion bar for non-recolifting cost for national electric train set project (TÜVASAŞ)

National electric train set project contact arm, centering arm extinguishing block, restraint block, axle box extinguishing block, non-recurrent cost intake (TÜVASAŞ)

National Electric Train Set Project Secondary Suspension Purchase (TÜVASAŞ)

Gezin Station Field Lighting Work

National Electric Train Set Project, Bike Suspension Shock Absorbers, Bike Suspension Shock Absorbers (TÜVASAŞ)


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