Apaydın, Fast Train Projects Very Important for the Development of Our Country

Apaydın, High Speed ​​Train Projects Very Important for Turkey's Development: TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, 9 June 2017 6 on Friday in Adana. Participated in iftar program organized by Regional Directorate.

Assistant General Managers, Special Clerk Manager, Assistant Manager, Press and Public Relations Consultant, Heads of departments, 6. Regional Manager and staff attended the iftar program TCDD 6. Regional Director Oğuz Saygılı's speech started with a greeting.

TCDD General Manager who came to the platform later İsa Apaydınstated that they had been doing iftar together with the employees in the Regional Directorates in an application they started this year, the first of which they did in Malatya and the happiness of being in Adana for the second.

In the days when our country needs unity and solidarity, Ramazan said that it strengthened these feelings and said, ı May Allah spoil our unity, brotherhood and the taste of our mouths. Ül


2003 60 railways since the XNUMX investment in the process and in the process of high-speed and high-speed train, road renewal, electrification and signalization, the establishment of logistics centers and the railway sector to implement important projects such as Apaydın, said:

“We have done these projects with you with your zealous works. During the liberalization process, we did not experience any problems with our customers. I thank you all. But we're not done yet. Our most important goal in the coming period will be the efforts to increase efficiency in the railways. Ön


Apaydın said that they have been conducting investigations with the Deputy General Managers, Regional Manager and Head of Departments in Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla and Mersin-Adana high-speed train lines that have been continuing their production before coming to Adana. Of course, the mentioned high speed train project does not end in Adana, but continues until Osmaniye and Gaziantep. In the same way, the work continues in these areas. The high speed train projects, which continue from Konya to Gaziantep, are of great importance for the development of our country and especially our region. Therefore, we would like to complete these projects in the shortest time possible. Hizmet

The total length of the currently operated lines 12 thousand 532 km. Apaydın concluded that: un We aim to increase the total length of our high-speed, high-speed and conventional railway lines to 2023 a thousand kilometers by 25. I hope we will achieve this together. Ş

TCDD 6 after the speeches. General Manager of TCDD who came together with representatives of Regional Directorate staff and non-governmental organizations İsa Apaydın, with them sohbet did. He listened to their problems and solution suggestions.

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