Number of Electric Vehicles in the World reached 2 Million

electric vehicles
electric vehicles

Number of Electric Vehicles in the World 2 Reaches Million: In the developing and globalizing world, electric vehicles are being replaced by electric vehicles, which greatly simplifies life. In order to reduce transportation costs as well as environmental impacts, electric vehicles, which were produced in Japan for the first time in 1997, have become a favorite of recent years.

Media monitoring agency PRNet conducted media research on the use of electric vehicles in the world. According to the International Energy Agency's Elektrikli Global Electric Vehicle Report;; Another important reason for the increase in the number of vehicles in the government's policies to protect the environment and the increase in energy efficiency when used said. The number of vehicles approaching 60 million, which increased by 2 percent compared to last year, was followed by car charging station with 2.3 million. In Europe, the number of electric vehicles 2,9 increased last year. The most preferred countries for electric vehicles in the world are China, USA and Norway; In Europe, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom were the countries that preferred electric vehicles the most. The new generation of electric vehicles in the car projects in Turkey "stamp with the locals" started production. Electric vehicles; Konya, Eskişehir, İzmir and while serving as a public transport vehicle in Elazig, is expected to increase the use of these tools in Turkey. The media also attracted the attention of electric vehicles, according to the Agency Press and PRNet review 6 month 3 thousand 301 month was the subject of news.

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