A new era has started in the urban traffic in Izmit

A new era has started in urban traffic in Izmit: The new era of urban traffic flow started in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan teams carry warning signs to points, while pedestrians and vehicle owners do not have any problems due to change day by day routing, information work is carried out.


Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın'ın Izmit city traffic circulation plan will be implemented within the scope of the changes in traffic after the new era began. Hürriyet, Alemdar, İnönü, Leyla Atakan Streets of the traffic flow in the innovations of the big changes to guide the Iznik Metropolitan Municipality teams made all kinds of preparations. On the other hand, trams will start 16 on Friday June.


The new traffic signs were put on the streets by the Metropolitan in order to make drivers and pedestrians easier to adapt to the changing new traffic system. Traffic police and municipal police teams will be ready for some time at these important points.


Leyla Atakan will be a two-way street, now only a street moving from the south to the north. İnönü Avenue will be one way from Baç Junction to Cumhuriyet Park. While the change was made in İnönü Street, the emergency entrance and density of the new state hospital were also considered. İnönü Caddesi Baç Junction will be double direction towards the hospital again. On Alemdar Street, the traffic will flow downwards. Hurriyet Street will flow in the east-west direction. Hurriyet Tunnel to go up to the gara.


Where the Art School was located, the U-turn was given. At the same time, there is a U-turn next to the World Eye Hospital. A U-turn was given next to Hurriyet and Cumhuriyet Caddesi. A vehicle coming from Hürriyet Caddesi will be able to transfer to Cumhuriyet Avenue from this turn. A vehicle descending Gazanfer Bilge Avenue will use the U turn in front of the School of Art to go towards Yahya Kaptan. A vehicle from the Gölcük area will use the U-turn in front of the World Eye Hospital to enter the city center.


The sub-parcel next to the Central Bank was also regulated and from there to the D-100 south side. With the new construction, a vehicle from the north side road can be connected directly to the south of the D-100. A vehicle from the north side of the road will come up to Efe Petrol. A vehicle coming from Cumhuriyet Street and heading towards the Thursday Market side will be able to walk down the Fevziye Mosque and enter the North Side road.


It was aimed to prevent the disruption of traffic while creating movement in reverse clockwise direction. The bus will not enter Republic and Hürriyet Street. The Mannesman field will be used for transfers. Abdurrahman Yuksel Caddesi will be the exit. Belsa's parking lot will also be the entrance to the place where you are currently check-out. The entrance on the Alemdar side will also be from above.


As you can see in the photo, Leyla Atakan Street, which has been used as a two-way street for many years, will be one way from today and it will be a street moving from south to north. Vehicles will enter this street into the city. Vehicle drivers will not be able to park their vehicles on this street.


In Alemdar Street, which is one of the most heavily used streets of Izmit, traffic will only flow downwards and this street will be used for exit from the city. First of all, city buses will never use this street again. In other words, there will be no vehicles in Cumhuriyet Park anymore; The vehicles coming from the Republic Park will be connected to this street with D-100.


There will be a serious change in Hurriyet Street which is located on the Walkway and runs from west to east. The traffic on Hürriyet Street will flow in the east-west direction. A vehicle coming from Hürriyet Caddesi will be able to pass to Cumhuriyet Avenue with the U turn given to the first peg. And the images that you see in this photo will no longer be in the past and we will see the front of the vehicles no longer this side.


Inonu Street; From the Baç Junction to the Republic Park, there will be one way. The traffic from the Junction to the hospital will flow in the same direction as before. With the change in İnönü Street, you will not experience this kind of congestion caused by traffic flowing in two directions.

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