Meaningful Iftar Program at YHT Main Care Center

YHT Home Care Center Meaningful Iftar Program: Train Maintenance Inc. (TMS) and Railway Machinists Association (DEMARD) YHT Branch Head of organized jointly by Turkey and Malulü Veterans, Martyrs, Widows and Orphans Iftar dinner as guest of honor of the members of the Association, 8 YHT June 2017 Performed at the Main Care Center.

Iftar Program; TCDD Transport Inc. General Manager Veys Kurt TCDD Transport Inc. Assistant General Manager Mehmet Uras, DEMARD President Nami Aras DEMARD YHT Branch President Ilker Parker, Train Maintenance Inc. General Manager Deniz Eroglu, Turkey Malulü Veterans, Martyrs, Widows and Orphans Association 2 . In addition to the President Metin Yola, a large number of TCDD Transportation Inc. personnel, veterans, veterans and martyrs attended.

I commemorate our martyrs, our mission martyrs, with mercy and gratitude

The glory of martyrdom authorities and of our country with emphasis on the territorial integrity, Turkey Malulü Veterans, Martyrs, Widows and Orphans TCDD TRANSPORTATION Inc. General Manager stating that honored along with members of the Association Veys Kurt, in his speech at the iftar program, said: "Homeland, our flag and who died a hero for our nation I commemorate our martyrs with mercy, prayer and respect. I commemorate the railwaymen who lost their lives while serving our country. You know how many are hostile to our country and our nation. When our country starts to develop, if its economy is strengthened and the position it deserves to rise, the hostile attitude of our enemies starts immediately. We are aware of this and we know that we work harder than we did yesterday, day and night. We have to trust each other more, we must be united, but we can achieve this. I believe that our workers, machinists and managers will work more as a conscious of it. Inanıy

Our Company 5 Provides Very Important Savings by Month

Providing information on the activities of TCDD Tasimacilik AS, which was established as a train operator with the liberalization of railway transportation, Kurt continued his words as follows: '' 1 On January 2017 TCDD was restructured. TCDD will carry out infrastructure services. As TCDD Transportation, we will operate freight and passenger trains and carry out logistics activities. Five months have passed since our inception, and our Company has achieved significant savings in terms of revenue and cost savings compared to last year. While our salaries were previously covered by the treasury, we have been paying our salaries for three months. So, friends, how do we manage that? We do it more by believing and working. Our future will be better than our past. Our company will be a profitable company and we will invest more for our country. Everyone is sure of this! Herkes

Always Remind Our Engineers; Comply with the rules

Kurt, in particular, told the mechanics: in Let the spirit of my machinist friends who were killed at the helm. In Marmaray, we carry 200 thousand people between continents and carry a thousand tons of 100 per day. With high-speed trains, we carry 40 bin and 50 thousand people every day with conventional trains. My machinist friends are particularly embarrassed; let them be very careful when using the trains.

Kurt said,, May Allah be pleased with the martyrs of our martyrs; I would like to congratulate you on your Ramadan, the Night of the Night and your feast. All of you should be entrusted to Allah. ''

Our General Manager knows the problems of staff on the train very well and solves

In his speech, Mr. Naim Aras, President of DEMARD, started his memorial service with gratitude and gratefulness and praised our veterans with the gratitude. completed projects. Your accomplishments, especially in the YHT projects, were appreciated by the railway staff and the public. Your successful work in the liberalization of rail transport cannot be ignored. You have become the General Manager of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ. You've always been with your staff in good and bad days. You have checked the working conditions, train traffic and problems of your staff working on trains and locomotives. You can travel by kilometers and meet the personnel in the regions, listen to their problems and produce solutions. I would like to thank the General Manager who is always with the mechanics. May Allah open your way. We promise to work hard to make TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ the world brand. Biz

In his speech, İlker Polat, Chairman of the DEMARD YHT Branch; “We commemorate our martyrs with gratitude. We are grateful to our veterans. We wish their families patience. As YHT machinists we will always be with our veterans and martyrs and their relatives. We would like to thank everyone who came here today and accepted our invitation. Bugün

Turkey Malulü Martyrs Veterans Widows and Orphans Association 2. In his speech, Chairman Metin Yola said, m I commemorate our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the unity and integrity of our country. I thank our veterans. I thank you for this invitation. Bu

At the end of the Iftar program the gift of the day was held and a souvenir photo was taken.

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